Top MRI Scan Centers In Chennai in 2023

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What is MRI Scan

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is a reliable and relatively uncomplicated test which is done with the help of a magnetic field and also the radio waves to produce an accurate image of the internal organs and structures.  It is connected with the computer which creates the detail and cross-sectional images of the selected organ.

The scanner is a huge doughnut-shaped magnet. There is a tunnel at the center of the MRI machine which looks like a tube.   The patients lie on a table which slides into the tunnel. In an MRI scan, no harmful ionizing radiation is used.

The patients who are claustrophobic often feel uncomfortable due to their close surroundings.  Some open MRI machines are also designed to have massive openings and the patients don’t feel claustrophobic. Most of the hospitals and also the radiology centers In Chennai install MRI machines for diagnosis.

At the time of the MRI scan, the magnetic position of the atoms in the patient’s body is manipulated by the radio waves emitted from the machine. A powerful antenna is used to pick those waves and transferred to a computer attached to the MRI machine.

The help of the computer and its complicated calculation result in cross-sectional black and white images of the specific organ of the body.  The problems in that area can easily be understood and treatment can be done accordingly.

MRI Scan in Chennai

The “best” MRI scan centers in Chennai can vary depending on factors such as the quality of services, equipment, expertise of radiologists, patient reviews, and more. However, I can suggest some well-known and reputable hospitals and diagnostic centers in Chennai that are known for their medical imaging services, including MRI scans:

  1. Apollo Hospitals: Apollo Hospitals is a renowned healthcare institution with multiple branches in Chennai, known for providing high-quality medical services, including advanced imaging and MRI scans.
  2. MIOT Hospitals: MIOT Hospitals is a leading multispecialty hospital in Chennai known for its advanced medical facilities and imaging services.
  3. Vijaya Diagnostic Centre: Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is a trusted diagnostic center with various locations in Chennai, offering a wide range of diagnostic services, including MRI scans.
  4. Madras Medical Mission: Madras Medical Mission is a well-established hospital in Chennai, known for its comprehensive medical services and advanced imaging facilities.
  5. Global Hospitals: Global Hospitals is a chain of hospitals with a branch in Chennai, known for its state-of-the-art medical equipment and expertise in medical imaging.
  6. SRM Institutes for Medical Science: SRM Institutes for Medical Science is a leading medical institution in Chennai with excellent medical imaging facilities.

Before choosing an MRI scan center, it’s essential to consider factors such as the center’s reputation, the experience of the radiologists and technicians, the quality of equipment, the availability of specialized MRI scans if needed, and patient reviews. Additionally, you may want to check if the center accepts health insurance, the convenience of location, and appointment availability. Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider for their recommendation on the best MRI scan center based on your specific medical needs.

What is the use of MRI Scan

With the help of MRI scan, the diseases can be diagnosed accurately and therefore the success rate of treating complicated diseases has gone up with an MRI scan.  Earlier, medical practitioners used to do surgeries to understand the condition of the organs inside the body but with the help of MRI scan and it can be done more conveniently and without causing further complications.  MRI scanner is useful to diagnose the following health conditions.

  • Irregularities in the functioning of the brain and also the spinal cord and the reasons for seizures can be detected more accurately with the help of MRI scan
  • The presence of cysts, tumors and other peculiarities in any part of the organs can be detected successfully.
  • The Woman who faces a high risk of breast cancer can be screened successfully with an MRI scan.
  • Most of the people after a certain age suffer from back pain and also knee pains. There are various reasons behind those pains and with an MRI scan, the injuries and the reasons for such unusual pain in the back and knee can be detected appropriately.
  • The reason behind the irregular heart function can also be detected with an MRI scan.
  • Earlier it was very difficult to understand the abnormalities inside the abdominal organs like liver, stomach, pancreas and the small and large intestine.  MRI scan can successfully detect the abnormality is inside the abdominal organs without any surgery.
  • Many women suffer from lower abdominal pain which can be caused by fibroids for tumors. The position of the fibroids and tumors can be accurately detected with MRI scan which makes the surgery e more successful.
  • Many pregnant women suffer from endometriosis or other abnormalities in the uterus at the time of pregnancy. MRI scan can detect those complications without causing any harm to the pregnant lady.
  • Multiple sclerosis is a very complicated problem where the outer coating of the nerve cells deteriorates gradually. This deterioration can be rightly detected with the help of an MRI scan.
  • The problems with the blood vessels inside the eye and also inner eye are very hard to detect. MRI scan successfully detects the damaged blood vessels and therefore the treatment becomes much easier.
  • A special type of MRI scan which is also known and functional MRI scan is very useful to understand the activities of the brain. The blood flow in various segments of the brain can be we detected with functional MRI scan.
  • The active areas of the brain can be identified by doing a special kind of tasks.  It is helpful to understand the spread of Alzheimer disease or any kind of injuries to the brain.  The brain map function can be done accurately before the surgery to remove brain tumors or help the patient to recover from epilepsy.

Procedures of MRI scan

The best MRI center  takes utmost care of the patients who undergo the MRI scan. The patient who will undergo the MRI scan is prepared thoroughly before the procedure.  Every metallic object is removed from his body and he is counseled to be prepared for the MRI scan.

The fear and doubts are removed by the radiologist. Intravenous contrast liquids are also injected to some patients so that the tissues are clearly visible in the MRI scan.  The doctor present in the MRI scanning room helps the patient to lie down comfortably on the table.  Blankets and cushions are also provided to the patient if he requires those things for comfort.

The MRI scanning machine makes a loud noise which can be uncomfortable for some of the patients.  So earplugs and headphones are provided to block the loud noises.

The patient can also listen to music to remain cool during the scanning procedure. The MRI technician communicates with the patient with the help of intercom and when the patient is ready the procedure begins.

The patient is trained to you stay calm and still during the procedure because any movement can cause disturbances in the images. Sometimes the patient is required to hold their breath to have a clear image.  The procedure stops if the patient feels uncomfortable.

What are the risks associated with MRI Scan

  • The risks associated with MRI scan are small. The patient is always safe while undergoing an MRI scan.  However, while injecting the intravenous contrast liquid some patient can experience nausea and headaches. , allergies are possible after injecting the contrast liquid all it is very rare.
  • Claustrophobic people should express their problems with the technicians and arrangements could be altered according to their comfort level.
  • In the case of children, the doctors need to be consulted before applying the acidity for the injection. The child with kidney problems should consult the doctor before the MRI scan because the intravenous contrast liquid can cause complications with kidney functions.

Therefore MRI in Chennai can be done without any problem.


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