Why Should Not Cannabis Be Taken in Excess?

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Cannabis are also known by the names Marijuana, Hemp and Weed. Cannabis is rich in medicinal properties and has many health benefits. Yes, cannabinoids are found in cannabis. This element helps to get rid of problems like phlegm and bile. Apart from this, cannabis also helps in dealing with problems of sleeplessness, improving the digestion, and wheezing etc.

The intoxication of cannabis does not occur immediately. It takes two to three hours to come into effect. But when it starts intoxicating, its intoxication starts increasing quickly. This is the situation when the control of the body begins to end in the mind. For example, after getting intoxicated, people either laugh continuously or cry.

What happened when you taste Hemp:

After getting intoxicated, the test of mouth and tongue becomes bitter. In this situation the person does not feel the test on eating anything. Often when sleeping, it seems that you are flying above the bed. If you have a lot of intoxication of cannabis, it can keep you under its influence even for two to three days. Many times its effect remains even throughout the week. No one can say how long the effect of drug will come down.

Tetrahydrocarbonabinol (THC) is found in cannabis. Which increases the level of dopamine in the brain and it causes a lot of pleasure and trance. This is a big reason why people take addiction. But this addiction can have a huge impact on their life!

If hemp is taken in more quantity then it can also cause heat or irritation in the stomach! If you already have another disease, the effects of its overdose can be fatal. Therefore, cannabis should always be consumed in limited quantities.
Consuming cannabis for pleasure is an unintelligent one because mere consumption can have a bad effect on the human mind. Even this reduces brain capacity and has a negative effect on it.

Consumption of cannabis is harmful for both men and women. If a man consumes it then there is a lack of sperms in his body, while the intake by the pregnant women has a bad effect on their painted feotus and it can be fatal.


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