Problems You Can Face if You Have a Low Testosterone Level

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Testosterone is an important hormone that is dominant in the male body. It plays a vital role in men’s appearance and sexual development. It helps in producing sperm as well as a men’s sex drive. As a matter of fact, the production of testosterone gradually decreases after the age of 30. A range of symptoms occurs in the male body when the testosterone level is low. In the following article, we will discuss the effects and treatment of low testosterone levels.

Problems Occurring with Low Testosterone Level

Although testosterone is dominant in the male body, a small percentage of testosterone is also produced in the female body. When there is a lack of testosterone level, a number of problems are introduced in the person. Let’s have a look at those problems:

Sexual Function

Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for high libido and sex drive in men. Therefore, a decrease in testosterone levels can significantly harm these functions. It highly impacts the urge of sexual desire and hinders performance in men. As the age increases, these problems increase; soon, the person gets fewer erections, and that leads the person towards infertility. However, this is a gradual process. If a person is suddenly subjected to erectile dysfunction, there may be some underlying cause other than low testosterone level.

low testostoren

Physical Changes

Testosterone is responsible for increasing muscle mass, bone density, body hair, and overall masculine characteristics. When testosterone level drops, the person may experience increased body fat, decreased muscle and bone density, less body hair, imbalanced cholesterol metabolism, hot flashes, and tenderness in breast tissue.

Sleep Disturbances

Low testosterone level can severely affect one’s sleep cycle and induce low energy level. With the changes that occur in the body due to lack of testosterone, lack of sleep, interruption during sleep, insomnia, and change in the sleep cycle is a widespread occurrence. However, the reason behind this phenomenon is still a mystery to the researchers.

Emotional Instability

The testosterone hormone can affect the emotional response greatly. With a low testosterone level, a person can develop severe cases of depression. Some people can even develop memory loss and lack of concentration. With the association of irritability, low sex drive, insomnia, and fatigue, the depression can only get worsen.


When the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, the condition is often referred to as “low T.” There are several treatment options available for this condition. Let’s take a brief look at them.

Testosterone Therapy

There are several ways to deliver testosterone in a person’s body.

  • Injecting testosterone in the muscle after certain intervals.
  • Gels or patches applied on the skin
  • A patch applied in the mouth
  • Pellets that are inserted under the buttock skin

However, people with a high risk of prostate cancer are strongly discouraged from getting testosterone therapy.

Natural Testosterone Boost

There are several ways to boost testosterone in a natural way. Some of the significant processes are described below.

Grabbing a Sound Sleep

The Journal of the American Medical Association showed that lack of sleep could significantly reduce a healthy young man’s testosterone level. The effect was evident only after a week’s reduced sleep. How much sleep you need is dependent on various factors—generally, an adult needs between seven to nine hours of sleep to function properly.

Losing Extra Weight

A study from The Journal of Endocrinology has revealed that low T and diabetes are closely linked. A man maintaining an average weight is less likely to suffer from such conditions. Another journal has published some results that clearly state that losing weight can significantly help in boosting testosterone levels.

Eat Zinc-rich Foods

Various studies suggest that people with low T can develop their Testosterone level when they eat food rich in zinc. Oysters as well as red meat, poultry, beans, nuts, crab, lobster, whole grains contain high levels of zinc. It can be very helpful in boosting testosterone production in the body.

Eat Less Sugar

Sugar can cause serious harm to one’s testosterone level. A study has shown that sugar can reduce testosterone levels by 25 percent. It also induces fat production in the body and hinders leading a healthy life.

Light Therapy

Low T can be seriously treated by light therapy. It is a brand-new method of therapy and has created an exceptional buzz in the industry. With the help of light therapy, bodily functions can get a certain boost while healing is induced in the body. With certain other benefits, light therapy dramatically helps in achieving a balanced hormonal environment which includes testosterone boost as well. The technology is still at its dawn, but soon we can expect more benefits with light therapy.


Low T can significantly harm your sexual life as well as your mental wellbeing. So if you are having such problems, immediately consult a doctor. Early treatment can go a long way in leading a healthy life. With a few changes in your lifestyle, you will be able to re-energize your body and spirit and live your best life.


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