Why should you take prostate seriously?

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Prostate, unlike other major organs, is not taken seriously unless there are some remarkable symptoms. As a result, by the time one learns, the disease may have progressed.

Prostate is a small-sized gland, found only in men, that produces the seminal fluid for nourishment and transportation of sperm. The most common diseases associated with prostate are prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (non-cancerous enlargement of prostate) and prostate cancer.

Prostate enlargement is also common and is treatable but if there are cancerous cells then seriousness of the disease increases. Prostate cancer is usually a slow progressing disease and most of the men with initial stages of cancer can live for many years without any threat to life and there are better chances of successful treatment. However, high grade disease spreads rapidly and can be fatal.

Symptoms to be watchful for:

The symptoms generally do not show up in early stages of prostate cancer but any unusual changes as mentioned below should be taken seriously:

• Blood in semen or urine

• Discomfort in the pelvic area

• Erectile dysfunction

• Pain in bones

• Reduced force in the stream of urine

• Trouble in urinating

Your doctor will suggest further investigations including scans and prostate biopsy. The test results will help the doctor to diagnose the disease.

Treatment of prostate cancer:

Treatment of prostate cancer depends upon the severity of the disease. For the slow growing cancer, doctors may suggest watchful waiting for other types, which are relatively aggressive, the patient may be required to undergo hormone therapy, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

When to see a doctor?

If you notice any unusual changes or symptoms mentioned above, then do not delay meeting with the doctor. It is totally understandable that sometimes it becomes very difficult to go and see a doctor physically, for that you can even book an online appointment for doctor consultation. Even you can buy medicines online if you do not find a prescribed medicine in your local medical store.

How to get medicines from online medical store?

It is very simple to order medicines online. You only need to find the best medical store and create your account. You can even download the app designed for the smartphones. Once you sign up, you can upload your prescription on it and order for the home delivery. Payment is easy and you can choose to pay by cash or other online modes. You can buy medicines online with discount and can save a lot on them. Some medicines are really very costly, so online buying serves as a great option.

You must take prostate seriously because the only way to manage prostate diseases is to be proactive and vigilant so that advancement of the disease can be stopped or, at least, delayed.


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