Best Ways to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

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Difference between Depression and Anxiety


Depression is when you stop caring about anything in the world, not even yourselves.


Anxiety is when you start caring exceptionally too much about almost everything. So, even a small sneeze will make you fearful of catching a cold.

depression  and anxietySometimes, depression can be due to nutritional deficiencies. So, before you do anything else, undergo a medical checkup from a doctor. Are you sleep deprived? This could be one of the triggers of your anxiety. The good news is that you need not pop pills to supplement your body with vitamins and iron.

Remember, people, it’s only YOU who can pull yourselves out of depression and anxiety. Don’t depend on others. Sometimes, depending on others also create mental instability, as you feel bad when people don’t do things as you expect from them.

You are a soul in a body that has a mind. Take care of the body and the mind to let your soul have a beautiful journey on the Earth. Here are psychologist-recommended tips to fight depression and anxiety. These are powerful and have worked for innumerable people.

Get out in the sunshine

Sunlight is a tried-and-tested way to overcome depression. Sunlight stimulates the secretion of endorphins and serotonin that make you happy. Your skin also synthesizes Vitamin D in sunlight. This strengthens your bones and increases your body’s power to absorb calcium.

Apart from all this, sunshine simply makes you feel happy and bright, doesn’t it?

As far as possible, choose a house that gets ample sunshine. If this is not possible, make it a point to go for a walk outdoors under sunlight every day. Watch nature. Breathe free.

sunshine and depression & anxietyImagine your out-breath is taking away all the negativeness and your in-breath is ushering in positivism and happiness in you.

Imagination is a powerful tool. Use it to overcome your depression. Do you know people make themselves overtly anxious just because they imagine the worst? So, if you can do the negative through imagination, why not try the opposite?

Dress up, put on makeup, and pamper yourselves!

You may feel this is absurd, but it works wonders. Whenever you feel depressed and anxious, do this:

Bring out the best dress or shirt from your wardrobe. Bright colors, please! According to energy healers, yellow and orange are energetic colors and work like therapy for depressed people. So, avoid those blues and blacks.

Put on makeup. A study was conducted on two groups of depressed women. The first group was advised to stay as simple as they could. The second group was advised to dress up glamorously and put on red lipstick and good makeup. It was found that women in the second group, no longer, felt depressed. They found their lost confidence and developed positive energy.

Do the shopping therapy or the spa. Both works equally. If your pocket allows, buy some new things or schedule a salon or spa treatment. You will instantly feel better.

If not, just pamper yourselves at home:

  • Do skin care routine like applying a face mask.
  • Wash your hair. The smell of freshly shampooed hair wards off gloominess.
  • Put on some loud music.
  • Raise your hands towards the sky and breathe free. It works amazingly to kick off the blues.
  • Give yourselves a warm oil massage. It improves blood circulation and energizes you. Depression cannot stay where there is good energy flow.
  • Put on a comedy show and laugh out loud. “Loud” is the keyword here.

 Now comes the hardest part, but the most effective…

boy in sad moodWake up at sunrise or even before!

Sunrise and a couple of hours before sunrise is the best time to fill yourselves with positive energy. This is also the best time to meditate. The vibes of the atmosphere are energetic and positive at this time.

Try to get up before sunrise, get ready, and go out during sunrise. If possible, even watch the rising sun. Let your body absorb the positive vibes. You will be amazed to see how it transforms you!

And this one works like WOW…

The pen is mightier that the sword, and in case of fighting depression, your most suitable weapon is the pen, not the sword.

Do this simple and interesting exercise and you will begin to feel great:

You will need: pen, notebook, timer, matchstick, an earthen bowl


  • Get your pen and notebook
  • Put a timer for 11 minutes
  • As your time starts, begin to scribble…just anything that comes to your mind at the moment. Don’t stop – this is important. Don’t care about the meaning of the sentences. Just continue to write for full 11 minutes NON-STOP.
  • As soon as the time ends, stop writing.
  • Read whatever you have written.
  • Now tear the pages into small pieces.
  • Gather them in the earthen bowl.
  • Light the matchstick and burn the pieces.
  • Watch them burning into ashes.
  • Imagine your depression and anxiety burning into ashes.

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