Minimal invasive aortic valve replacement

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Those affected with aortic valve disease can take surgical approach to avail treatment. With aortic valve replacement technique, there has been noticed dramatic improvement in the health of the patient and also the procedure is minimal invasive and not painful. Even fail and the elderly patients will be able to enjoy painless and fast recovery and get back to their home in just 2-3 days on successful completion of the surgical procedure. Aortic valve is considered to be a one way valve which opens into Aorta, regarded to be the main pipeline emerging from the heart. With heart valve replacement surgery cost in india being quite reasonable, people can do away with the ailments related to the heart and lead a normal life.

Problems faced

Two basic problems might affect its function:

  • In case, it fails to open up properly, then the heart is likely to struggle against the offered resistance by the stiff and closed valve which in turn impairs the heart’s ability to empty out while contracting. This condition is termed Aortic Valve Stenosis.
  • The spectrum’s opposite end, there may arise leaky condition in the same valve and might not close properly as expected when heart reloads between contractions. It only makes the heart’s pumping action to become inefficient, since good portion of oxygenated blood gets pumped forwards within the main pipeline, which in turn, leaks back into heart. It is termed as Regurgitation or Aortic Valve Insufficiency.

A good number of the elderly population across the globe along with some percentage of young population is found to be affected with aortic valve malfunctions. They are likely to require aortic valve replacement that is life saving and also minimal invasive. Unfortunately, most cardiac surgeons did not have the time or the opportunity or willingness to learn about such techniques. They are found to still make use of the old age media sternotomy techniques (splitting the breast bone). Beside this, in majority of the surgical patients, they use blood transfusions. This approach is only found to come with several disadvantages, which includes more wound infections, slow wound healing, postoperative bleeding and pain, poor cosmetic result having 12” – 14” midline scar from neck base to breast bone bottom part and slow recovery after surgery.

Why seek minimal invasive aortic valve replacement technique?

If aortic valve replacement is desired, then this surgical approach is considered to be the best. Besides knowing the reasons to seek this technique, it will be equally important to know how it is performed, so as to be better informed and ensure getting the best results. Generally, open heart surgery is performed by creating a tiny incision at the chest wall’s right hand side (minithoracotomy).

  • No pain. Local anesthesia in small amounts is injected between the ribs to make the incision pain-free. The patients after having the surgery, on recovery, will not experience any severe pain.
  • No bone cutting. A tiny space is opened up between the two ribs with the incision and also heals quite well. There are no infections reported till date from such wounds.
  • Quicker recovery. Fail and elderly patients also are reported to get back to their feet in just 24 hours’ time and are able to get back home 2 days after having the surgery.
  • Very little bleeding. It is a wonderful approach as it helps avoid bleeding that is generally caused due to bone cutting as well as the larger incisions that is common with the traditional surgical process. Blood transfusions are least common in this procedure.
  • Amazing cosmetic results. After the surgery, there will only remain a small 2” thin scar at the chest’s right hand side. The person will be able to wear a blouse, open shirt or evening gown and this tiny scar will simply vanish out of sight.

Overall, it is a wonderful, safe, precise and accurate way to have heart valve replacement. With affordable Heart valve replacement surgery cost in india, patients from all over the globe are visiting the country to get their treatment. The best and highly qualified doctors here can provide clear details about the minimal invasive options and help the patients to take the right decisions.


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