Miscarriages Reasons and How to Prevent Miscarriages

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Motherhood is a difficult journey; from conception till eternity, a mother’s job never ends. With it, is associated certain medical issues and becoming a mother ain’t that easy for all. It is a blessing that everyone expects and deserves. The medical issues involve miscarriages, inability to form the eggs, and many more.

Main Reasons of Miscarriages

All the medical problems are to be contemplated about and today we discuss some pointers that explain why miscarriages happen.

  1. Chromosomal Abnormalities: This means that a miscarriage is genetic. When we say genetic, we mean that the egg or the sperm has some problem in it. In such one must consult a doctor. One of the chromosomal abnormalities is Trisomy 21, which is compatible with life; however in such a case the child usually is a down syndrome child. So far, no other compatible with life chromosomal abnormalities have been found. Yet another reason why this abnormality happens is because of the age of the woman bearing the child. The chances of a miscarriage is more after the age of 35, as compared to 20 to 30 years. The simple reason behind this is that the eggs also age and hence, develop such abnormalities. Therefore, to prevent age related abnormalities an early pregnancy is advised.
  2. Lifestyle: As we know that motherhood comes with responsibilities it is thus, imperative to work on making the lifestyle changes in order to have a healthy pregnancy. In such a case, late nights must be avoided, along with ceasing the intake of alcohol and cigarette. Smoking weakens the eggs and hence, must be avoided completely. Besides these, the woman planning a baby should also limit the caffeine intake, and stick to healthy diet and preferably homemade food.
  3. Health: The health of the ‘would be mother’ is of prime importance as she must be stress free and must intake good and healthy food only. Obesity too is one of the factor here which results in miscarriages, thus, weight management must be done prior to planning a child. Other than this, diabetes, thyroid, and hypertension are also lifestyle diseases which hinder the growth of the embryo. These must be under control and checked in advance. To prevent this, daily exercise and walk is recommended that will not only reduce the weight, but will also improve the diseases caused due to the lifestyle.
  4. Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): The tendency of the body to form cysts bars the growth of the embryo, resulting in miscarriage. This results in irregular periods and stressed mental health. To avoid PCOS, adequate sunlight and a balanced diet is a must. Processed food, microwave usage and any kind of rays must be completely avoided in order to have a healthy pregnancy.
  5. Immunological Issues: These issues are related to the antibodies that are produced by the body that do not accept the state of pregnancy. ‘Lupus’ is one such autoimmune disease that results in miscarriage, due to the presence of antibody called ‘antiphospholipid’. To avoid this, regular check up is needed as this has a valid and a relevant treatment. If the presence of this antibody is detected early, the miscarriage can be easily prevented through doses of aspirin and heparin that keeps the blood thin and prevents clotting.
  6. Anatomical issues: These issues occur when the reproduction organs are de-shaped. This means a recurrent miscarriage can also be due to the structure of the organs which blocks the requisites reaching the embryo, thus, restricting the growth. These issues can be due to de-shaped uterus, which does not support the baby due to its structural imbalance. This can also be because of uterine fibroids that effect the fertility and ceases proper growth of the baby in the womb. Yet another anatomical abnormality is that is of incompetent cervix which does not support a healthy pregnancy due to its own weak structure. This leads to either a premature delivery or loss of it.

How to Avoid Miscarriages:

It is vital that these reasons must be read well and prevented by making small changes in the lifestyle. These changes will positively impact the overall health of the mother too. The reason why miscarriages must be prevented is because they leave a permanent scarred heart and a lost interest towards bearing children and living a good life. It is catastrophic and incomprehensible most times.

Additionally, one must take care of some of these :

  1. Must not eat Dates
  2. Avoid consumption of jaggery in the first three months
  3. Prevent lifting weights throughout the pregnancy
  4. Must not bend too much to prevent any problems
  5. Walking slowly during the day,(upon Doctor’s Advise) is also recommended
  6. Consuming Amla and papaya in the first three months must be prevented
  7. Getting your tests done regularly is also a must.

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