Nephrectomy: Laparoscopic kidney removal vs. open incision

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Nephrectomy is considered to be a medical term that is used for a particular surgical procedure conducted on the patient to remove part or full kidney from the body. It is also called nephrectomy surgery. The kidney does play a vital role to collect and eliminate the wastes and toxins from the bloodstream. It is how urine gets produced through this natural filtering process. But if normal kidney functions get comprised due to the advent of the disease or some damage caused to it, then the doctor might recommend nephrectomy or kidney removal surgery if deemed necessary. Low Nephrectomy Cost in India is what compels patients from all over the world to come here to get their surgery and to lead a decent, happy life and to enjoy trouble-free health.

Why undergo nephrectomy?

It is often suggested since there might arise numerous problems in the kidney region. This can be caused due to kidney cancer, kidney failure or due to some other abnormal growth noticed in the tissue.

  • Radical or complete nephrectomy is something where entire kidney gets removed.
  • Partial nephrectomy is when only the kidney’s damaged or diseased part is removed.

If a healthy kidney is donated to someone, then it is termed as donor nephrectomy.

Surgical procedure

Currently, kidney removal surgical procedure is carried out in any of the two ways.

  • Open Nephrectomy: It is a procedure where the kidney is removed by the surgeon by creating a large open incision within the patient’s side. It is regarded to be a traditional way to eliminate the kidney and might require longer recovery period when compared to laparoscopic nephrectomy. This procedure is very much invasive, thus requiring longer recovery time.
  • Laparoscopic Nephrectomy: Several small incisions are made by the surgeon. A tube having a tiny camera at the end is used at one point, while the instruments to perform the surgery get placed in the other. The camera is then helps to guide the movements of the surgeon to remove part or the entire kidney.

The type of procedure to be used is determined by the quantity of kidney tissues to be removed and the reason for prescribing the surgical procedure.

What actually determines the amount of kidney to be removed?

The amount of damaged or disease that the kidney has contracted is the first consideration to be made. The doctor tries to identify if the issue has affected just a single kidney or a particular area. Also will be known if other kidney or nearby tissue is affected.

To determine severity of kidney damage and condition, there is prescribed different types of tests, which include:

  • CT Scan: Computerized Tomography uses specialized x-ray technology to create cross sectional, thin kidney tissue slices.
  • USG: With ultrasound waves, an image is taken of those soft tissues which surround the kidney region.
  • MRI: The Magnetic Resonance Imaging does use radio waves and magnetic waves for producing the kidney’s 3D computer image.

After checking out the data from such tests, the doctor is likely to recommend the patient with nephrectomy surgical procedure which is found to be most appropriate. Before start of the surgery, the patient is given anesthesia. Then there is inserted a catheter by the experienced and talented surgical team for draining the bladder.

There are several factors which is said to determine the recovery time from this surgical procedure. It also includes the kind of procedure that has been conducted and the person’s overall health.

If the person undergoes nephrectomy surgery, then he/she might face some post surgical complications. It might include hypertension (high blood pressure) and chronic kidney diseases. However, it is noticed that majority of the time, the patients are able to recover completely and also lead healthy, normal lives and do not face any such difficulties in life.

It is without doubt that Nephrectomy Cost in India is quite reasonable when compared to other developing and developed countries across the globe. Besides this, the hospitals here are spread throughout the country and they are known to make use of the latest and state of the art medical devices and gadgets for dialoging and treatment purpose. With the best doctors, surgeons and medical teams here having adequate knowledge of the modernized computer operated medical devices, the success rate of the surgical procedures conducted here is quite high.


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