Rabbit diet | Do’s and Don’ts for keeping your rabbit healthy

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I love rabbits; for me, they are the cutest animals on the planet. I have lots of pet rabbits at home and I know them very well. Each and every bunny is special and requires love, care and a special rabbit diet.

Rabbits are very shy, timid and tender at first but once they got to know you; they are very warm and friendly. They are super active and can play around endlessly. It’s quite easy to care for a rabbit; all you have to do is, feed them healthily and your way to go.

Having a pet rabbit can be busy sometimes especially if the rabbit is just a baby. But do not worry; they mostly sleep during the day and becomes active during dawn and dusk.

There are many varieties of rabbits and almost all of these varieties have the same food habit and diet. So whatever rabbit you are having; their way of eating are all the same. Well; most of my neighbours would ask me; ‘How do you feed them? with what do you feed them?’  and stuff like this. But the fact is; rabbits are the very clean creature.

They eat healthily mostly greens and grass; sometimes fruits but unlike other pets their favourite is greens. You don’t have to worry about buying them; a piece of meat or milk like what you did for cats and dogs but just plain vegetables.

So; here are a few things regarding what to feed and what not to feed a rabbit.

Rabbit Diet – The do’s and Don’ts!

If you are a vegan; then you should keep a rabbit as your pet. Both you and your pet can go vegan. Just kidding; don’t mind me. So, let’s jump straight to the point. You can check out this site Lynnai Style for pets therapy.

What to feed rabbits?

Even though rabbits love to have greens and veggies but there are certain things; to keep in mind because there are some greens that are not good for a rabbit stomach. Rabbits are ruminants; which means they have two stomachs just like cows and buffaloes; thus, they need large about of food that’s aids in proper digestion.

They need one special food for their cud; that is grass or pellets to improves their digestion and aids with their overall health. Because they are rumens; they need food rich in starch and protein that would large long in their cud for another digestion. That’s why you see; they are always chewing even though they are not eating.

Vegetables for rabbit

Can rabbits eat cabbage?

Can rabbits eat lettuce?

What do rabbits eat and drink?

What not to feed rabbits?


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