Unique & Designer Collars for Your Pet Friend

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The pet lovers adore buying cute, unique and artistic accessories for their spoiler pets. Today, the market is flooded with unique and designer accessories for the dogs in exclusive Pet stores or shopping portal. Just, you require a knack and interest to buy extending your spending limit for your companion.

With the awakening interests of pet lovers, many designers and boutiques have emerged in the market who design exclusive designer dog collars and leashes and unique dog collars and leashes.

You can buy them for casual wear or for special events and occasions. Your pet accompanies you to parties and ceremonies and you want to see your pet looking handsome and stand unique in the crowd with unique accessories on.

Explore into the outer world by showing off designer dog collars and leash.

  • Bright ribbon collars with flowers backed with durable nylon webbing. Collars and leash are sized generously and are available in sizes extra small to extra-large for different breeds. Quick release button and a D-tag is available to put tags on. You can buy the same design and color leash or go for a contrast.
  • Dolphin’s collar and a Sea blue leash complementing will be a great buy for your pup or dog. It comes in cotton and nylon fabric with a braided leash. It will be a joy to see dolphins swimming on the collar of your pet friend. It is durable and great to stroll with your dog under the bright blue sky.
  • Bow Collar comes in floral, object, dots or patriotic designs. You can buy a patriotic one when you plan to take your dog on a specific occasion representing your country. Bow collar with a designer leash will give your boy dog a handsome look and a girl dog a beautiful appearance.
  • Crystal Heart Faux Dog Collars will give bling adding enchanting sparkle to your small dog or puppy. It will be an attention getter and a fancy collar. They have a matching color leash and are available in different sizes and diameter. I recommend for small cute ones but you can certainly opt for big ones if you like the look. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
  • Flower Bow collars are also a good option to buy for the pet. Flowers made of fabric, beads, ribbons or crystal is fixed in the middle of the bow giving a unique look and a contrast leash with this collar is an absolute buy to flaunt.

Unique dog collars and leashes

  • Jewelry Collar is unique dog collars and leashes. The pearl, semi-precious stones, and glitter stones are used to make the collars appealing and stand exclusive in the crowd. The stones are embedded intricately on the collar or strewn in a piece of delicate tensile wire. The stones are studded on the leash too to give a unique look. It comes in different diameter and length and they are bit pricy but fit for special occasions. You can gift on your pet’s birthday.
  • The fringed collar gives a unique look to your pet companion. It comes n bright designs and it is grand wear on special events. It is made out of sophisticated fabric or velvet. A velvet knotted leash will complement with a fringed collar.
  • e glow LED light collars and leashes are useful for long outings, hiking’s, etc. Your pet can be located dark if you miss him or behaves naughty. There are musical led collars also which plays when the dog moves. It can be stunning stunners in night parties on beaches.
  • Personalized collars & Leashes are available in stores and shopping portals. You can get your pet initials or name embossed on the collar and leash as you desire. It is available in different materials and they are best for daily and occasional wear.

These unique and designer collars and leashs will add color and style to your pet’s wardrobe. You can make your pet flaunt in these styles when you prefer to make them look stylish and classy.


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