Advantages and Risk of Lip Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery has significantly risen in the past couple of years. It’s primarily because of people wanting to look perfect and having that look that others admire. Hence, one of the many surgeries that come under cosmetic surgery lies in subtle types known as lip surgery.

It’s a form of surgery that helps in the overall reshaping, reduction, and other implementations on the lips. While it might be the cheapest option from the others, the average lip surgery cost in India is around 30,000-45,000 rupees.

But is it worth it? Does it help? Are there any risks associated with it? Well, to answer all of these questions, we have enlisted the rewards and risks associated with lip surgery. Let’s take a look.

Rewards of Lip Surgery

While there is no beneficial factor affecting the body, these are purely physical aspects to look different from others.

  • Fuller Lips

Well, the primary reason as to why people would want to get a lip surgery done is to look great. The overall procedure helps in the removal of excess fat stored in the lips such that they can look excellent and streamlined indeed.

  • Better Face Orientation

Often having bigger lips could result in a bad or deformed orientation of the face. While many would appreciate their natural beauty, few beg to differ. Hence, it helps in making everything asymmetrical for a grander face exposure.

  • Eliminates Lip Issues

While it might be purely based on physical appearance, Lip surgery does provide a way of reducing any medical conditions that might have affected the lips. Hence, instead of removing the entire lip, only parts of it are removed such that the lips get a new shape and the conditions aren’t aggravated.

  • Personal Satisfaction

Lip surgery is gone to bring about the personal satisfaction of looking pretty and beautiful. While many wouldn’t want their lips to be the same, others love their lips just the way they are. Hence, it’s a personal take on lip surgery that makes it quite common these days of looking different and unique.

Hence, now that we have looked into the brighter side of things let’s take a closer look at the side effects lip surgery brings about.

Side Effects of Lip Surgery

The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. And hence, surgeons have to work immaculately to ensure that there are no damages that occur to them. It is one of the main reasons why lip surgery cost in India is significantly on the higher spectrum. But despite being cautious, several side effects can be experienced.

  • Infection

Usage of any tools for surgery that isn’t sterilized could result in an infection.

  • Bleeding

Even after the surgery might be over, there are higher chances for the stitches to come out can cause bleeding.

  • Swelling

Due to specific chemical reactions that could take place after the surgery, it would cause severe swelling and disorientation that could be permanent or temporary.

Allergic Reaction

From the tools that are used for the operation, the person might be allergic to them and cause an allergic reaction that could result in a shock or seizure.

  • Scarring

Any invasive operation is going to get you scars. Hence, the lips being the thinnest yet sensitive part of the human body, scarring is definitive.

Thus, because of the above-given pointers, many neglect the side effects and go for it. Also, the lip surgery cost in India has skyrocketed because of the immense care and attention that has to be given while performing the surgical operation.


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