Should You Running During Pregnancy?

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Pregnant women usually wonder if running during this time is a good idea. No mother would want to harm her child by doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Most ladies enjoy running and jogging, it keeps them healthy and also the sudden pause of doing that while being pregnant can be distressful for a few ladies.

Many believe that high impact or intense exercise is not a good idea to perform while being pregnant, walking, however, has been considered as the best-uncomplicated exercise to perform.

So, let us now move on to the question whether you should or should not run during pregnancy. This question can never have a simple yes or no answer, so we will be answering four considerable questions which will help you to understand the answer to this question better.

Have you been running regularly?

 running regularly?

During the time of pregnancy, the blood volume rises up by 40% and if have not been doing running regularly and this is the first time you are thinking of starting it, then our suggestion would be not to start it while being pregnant. Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and if you have been running prior to getting pregnant, then you will be able to adjust to these changes better.

There will be a lot of weight added to your abdominal area (your baby weight) so if you are a regular jogger already then you will be able to deal with the abdominal weight better while running. Don’t get into a lot of high intensity work out because your body is already going through a lot of changes. You could do a brisk walk if only you feel comfortable, otherwise, don’t risk it.

Did you ask your doctor if you can run?

You should always get your doctors opinion before you start running during your pregnancy. There are few medical complications where running is never recommended. Your doctor will run through a few tests to check your obstetric and medical conditions and then you will be clear whether running is a good idea or not.

Always speak to your doctor clearly about any pre-existing medical problems if you have any. Your doctor should know everything about your health before he could advise you whether you should run or not. If you have any respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological issues, let the doctor know.

Do you go through any Musculoskeletal problems?

Musculoskeletal problem

Musculoskeletal problem is actually a big issue and if you have them then running might increase it. It affects your joints, bones, and muscles. If you face any joint pain or pain in your muscles regularly, then our suggestion would be not to go for a high-intensity workout. If you have to do something to keep yourself fit then go for low impact exercise, like go for a morning walk, swimming and cycling can also be an alternative.

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Many women in their second trimester stop running because it no longer feels right to them. Nothing can be worse than endangering the health of your child. Make sure to go for treatments for musculoskeletal problems, Indian health organisation can help you to identify the problems and get it resolved before it becomes serious. Don’t risk it if you feel the slightest amount of pain. Show it to the doctor or get yourself checked.

Know the signs and symptoms

pregnancy chart

If you have been running regularly then make sure to pay a visit to your doctor and have his consent regarding any musculoskeletal issues and pelvic floor. If you still prefer to run during your pregnancy, then follow this simple tip, it will help you to continue running and will not make you feel uncomfortable as well.

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Pregnancy is a big deal, after all, you are carrying a life inside you. Reduce your speed or distance whenever you have to. You are running to stay healthy and fit and not to get hurt or unwell.

So, whenever you feel uncomfortable while running then ask a simple question to yourself. “Do I feel comfortable while running?” Know these simple symptoms and you will be affirmative if running is a good idea for you or not.

  • Check out for pain in your pelvic area, low back, and also knees
  • If blood starts to leak, then go to the doctor immediately
  • If you are leaking incontinence urine and feces
  • Look out for chest pain, dizziness, and headache. Also, if you are running out of breath then you should see a doctor.

Running is considered to be safe while you are going through pregnancy, however, it is extremely important that you know the signs and symptoms well enough. Nothing matters more to you than the good health of your child. So, go to the doctor, get yourself checked. Don’t overdo anything and also know when to stop running. After all, you are the one who is carrying your baby inside you and you need to look after your child. Stay safe and fit.


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