3 Ways Technology Has Affected The Field Of Psychology

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It is a fact that there is no professional filed in the existence that has not experienced the effects of the advancement and advent of technology.

The psychological careers have not been left out, they have been affected equally the technology as other professional fields. They have affected from campuses here students are working to realize academic success to major corporations boardrooms where the work of psychological consultancy which includes advising and teaching takes place. This means that through the application of technology has changed the way we acquire and implement principles and the psychological knowledge forever. The following are the main three ways through which technology has affected psychology.

  1. Educational and changes: pros and cons

Students pursuing psychology are believed to be exposed to more technology than ever before. This has helped them to utilize the multi-faceted abilities of the internet. This helps them to research papers and also take notes while in class. The activities that demanded students to spend most of their time doing either in libraries or laboratories them now can be done using a computer. Through the use of search engines and laptops has made specialized information to be available and accessible to psychology students at any time they need them. Besides, most students or the whole university can b easily accessed online changing the face of the degree in psychology how it used to look like.

For instance, according to the APA commission, it affirms that there has been a marvelous psychology education growth from the past decade both in university growth and enrollment. From the research carried out by Sloan Consortium in 2014, it established that at least 85% of the schools are offering online courses.

On the case of the cons, the APA Commission on Accreditation said that it doesn’t accredit only doctorate programs online. The courses offered online does not represent the learning content of the program that is substantial and some other classes. Therefore, any courses done online and belongs to the category of accredited programs should be made in public materials.

  1. Diagnostic Equipment Specialization

More innovative ways have been put at the disposal of the practitioners, researchers and clients so that they are able to collect and assess any psychological data concerning the intellectual, physical and emotional states of their patients. One of the tools that is mostly used is the stress sensor that is built on Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). The sensors are said to be made up of two electrodes which are located on the fingers. They can be used to distinguish between the client’s skin conductance which can be used to indicate whether one is suffering from stress or not. After obtaining the data, it is transferred to the computer. According to the individual who discovered this, he believes that the sensor can be used by the user in any location provided he is not more than 10 meters from the device. Through applying a communication system that is wireless, the user gets a certain amount of freedom when the device is used.

  1. Technology based therapy

One of the controversial trends in the field of psychology is when internet therapy is applied. This allows both the psychotherapist and the client to hear and see one another as thy speak. Through the use of technology, it can prove to be the greatest way to link a client who does not have the strength and morale to attend an appointment. This means that someone can work with clients through skype, webcam through a program by the name abilto. The program is used to focus majorly on the CBT treatment of the people who are newly identified with medical issues such as cardiac, events, diabetes, depression, anxiety and cancer.

When using technology in psychology, clients are able to access their clients who are homebound because of medical issues but require the services of a therapist to coach them despite the physical limitation.  Besides, the use of technology is also effective where people have the fear of being stigmatized. This happens when most clients develop fears of being seen by their neighbors visiting an office of a therapist. In this case remote treatment is being advised since it provides a certain level of comfort to these clients.

On the dismissive side of the dispute, it might prove to be somehow difficult when it comes to reading of the body language via webcam and equally impossible when conducting the exercise via the phone. Therefore, as a therapist one ought to own a vivid sense of risk for violence or suicide or self-harm or other acts that may make phone or online treatment not to be the best option to use.

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