The Purpose And Work Carried Out By Cancer Foundation

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Nearly every person wishes to live a healthy and successful life, but illness and injuries are part and parcel of life. Times have changed, and there are so many diseases that people need to be wary of apart from acute diseases. There are many chronic ailments which can affect people of every age and gender, such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, and different types of cancer.

Cancer is one chronic disease that once spread in the body becomes very difficult to treat. The common types of cancer include prostate, breast, lung, blood, skin, and pancreatic. Cancer happens when cells in a particular organ of the body start to multiply uncontrollably. It is natural that the old cells die and get replace by new cells. The uncontrolled growth and not proper removal of old cells causes cancer. The massive growth of cells causes tumors which damages the immune system. The purpose of Cancer Foundation UK is to deal with various aspects of cancer, which includes awareness, treatment, post-treatment facilities, collection of donation, and research.

The main aspect of the cancer foundation is research on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of cancer. The research is done by qualified professionals, which include oncologists, medical doctors, physicians, and radiologist. The research is based on the study of the cellular organism and the genetic and environmental factors which play a part in the development of cancer. The cancer foundation is stressing on the need for a screening test, particularly for women, to prevent breast cancer. The screening test can help to determine whether a person has cancer or not and at what stage the cancer is. Cancer is a disease which if identified at an early stage, is easier to treat and cure. The cancer can spread quickly, and if it does spread in the other parts of the body, it becomes difficult to even with surgery to cure the disease.

The Cancer Foundation UK works on making people aware of cancer symptoms so that they can get the screening test earlier so that the cancer does not spread. The cancer foundation is also working extensively on developing new medicines and methods which can help to treat the cancer faster and more effectively. Even when a person gets cured the post-treatment procedures such as chemotherapy is quite hard on most people as their health and energy are drained. The cancer foundation makes numerous changes in policies to counter the sudden increase and rise of cancer. The numerous aspects that the cancer foundation works on are

• Providing Support
The cancer foundation organizes forums and awareness programs where emotional and moral support is given to cancer patients
• Encouraging Prevention
Prevention is always better than cure and identification of cancer in an earlier stage is very important to treat and cure the chronic ailment.
• Developing New Treatment Methods
Research is done in quickly making new techniques and methods to treat cancer and help a person regain health even after the cancer is           cured
• Collecting Funds
The cancer foundation asks people to donate because it is only through the charity that research and new treatment methods can be made        possible.


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