These Habits Make You Gain Weight in a Record Time

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You don’t need starvation and running marathons every day. By changing a few habits, the introduction of nutrition and of course, regular exercise, you can achieve a lot in this field. If you get rid of the following five habits, your weight loss is guaranteed!

Skip meals

You are trying to lose weight and you work less to eat? It is safe to access unless you skip meals and eat e.g. only once a day. It is wrong because it comes to the opposite effect! If you eat just one large meal a day your body is already alarming situation due to the rare imports of food, it realizes it as the only chance for survival and it will go making the food into reserves or fat. Also, if you skip breakfast, your body will create a strong desire for food, so you eat more. It is better to eat 5 smaller meals a day, which you will also have to balance.

Eat too fast

We are destined to mumble long food we take. It has been proven that those who eat fast and short chew food before swallowing consume almost a third of the food from others. This quickly consumed meal slows down digestion, so the feeling of fullness occurs much later. If you have such a habit and you want to lose weight, you do not need to tell you that you should get rid of it. follow more blog on my post such as benefits of green tea.

Safe to drink too much coffee

It has been proven that larger amounts of caffeine that seep into the body in hollow numerous coffees throughout the day, raise the level of cortisol – a stress hormone that is released into the body. Cortisol stimulates the desire for food or the feeling of hunger because we eat more than we need. If you recognize yourself in this you need as soon as possible to reduce the number of drinking coffee during the day only one cup of coffee.

Go to bed very late

If you have the habit of going to bed very late, in your body start to happen changes in hormone levels, especially leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is responsible for sending signals to the brain that you are full, and ghrelin triggers feelings of hunger. The imbalance between these hormones leads to a terribly strong desire for food that occurs in the late evening hours. If you want to avoid unnecessary hunger, go to bed earlier than you do.

Water Not drinking enough fluids

Water is very important for our body and it should be entered in sufficient quantities. One of the accompanying symptoms of dehydration, which happens if we do not receive or you lose a certain amount of fluid, is the feeling of hunger, which occurs if we discount the signals that our body sends.

Most people admit that they have a great need to bring liquids, but only about a bad habit. Your body craves water and therefore you need to observe to the golden rule for 7 to 8 glasses of water daily. Also, a glass of water before a meal will develop a sense of fullness so you eat less. Forget the sweet drinks and pay attention to the golden liquid that melts pounds.

This is not some magic tips that will lead you to weight loss. You should be aware of these habits and changes, so exercise and proper nutrition will surely achieve your goal. more blog follow on


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