Top Water Purifier Brand in India, You Can Rely in 2023

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Water is the basic necessity of the life so this is very important to drink healthy and purified water. So you need to choose the best water purifier. There are different types of water purifiers like RO, UV, UF, and activated carbon water purifiers. You just have to know how they work and which one is suitable for your house.

The water purifier is the most important household item in your home. Unhealthy water can cause many diseases and epidemic. This article will clear your all doubts about the water purifier.several Indian water purifier brands have gained popularity for their quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that the water purification market is constantly evolving, so it’s essential to research the latest reviews and user feedback to make an informed decision. Here are some of the best water purifier Indian brands that have been well-regarded:

  1. Kent: Kent is a well-known Indian brand offering a wide range of water purifiers with various technologies like RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), and UF (Ultrafiltration). They are known for their efficient purification and reliable service.
  2. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard: Eureka Forbes is a prominent name in the Indian water purifier market. Aquaguard is their flagship brand, providing a variety of models catering to different water sources and purification needs.
  3. Livpure: Livpure is gaining popularity for its innovative and technologically advanced water purifiers. They offer RO and UV water purifiers with features like mineralizer, hot water dispenser, and app connectivity.
  4. Blue Star: Blue Star is a renowned Indian brand known for its wide range of home appliances, including water purifiers. They offer RO, UV, and RO+UV water purifiers with features like copper impregnated activated carbon and Aqua Taste Booster.
  5. Pureit (Hindustan Unilever): Pureit is a brand owned by Hindustan Unilever, providing affordable and user-friendly water purifiers. They offer a range of non-electric and electric water purifiers with multiple purification technologies.
  6. AO Smith: AO Smith is primarily known for its water heaters but has also ventured into the water purifier segment. They offer RO water purifiers with advanced purification technologies and features.
  7. Tata Swach: Tata Swach is a brand from Tata Chemicals, offering non-electric water purifiers. They are known for their low-cost, gravity-based water purifiers suitable for rural and urban areas.

Before purchasing a water purifier, consider factors like the quality of water in your area, the type of water purification technology required, storage capacity, maintenance, and after-sales service. Reading customer reviews and consulting with experts can help you make the right choice for your specific water purification needs.


Types of water purifier in India

RO water purifier

RO water purifier is used for the treatment of the hard water and if your house has soft water then you don’t need to use RO water purifier. Water is pushed through the RO membrane by using a high-pressure pump. It forces water to cross the RO membrane and removes invisible impurities that can make water hard, salty such as arsenic, sodium.  You are recommended to buy RO+UV Purifier if the water is hard and high contaminated and if the water is less contaminated then go for only RO purifier.

UV water purifier

This type of water purifier uses ultraviolet rays to deactivate microorganisms so that you will get a protection against water-borne diseases. It is able to kill all the microorganisms and pathogens.

UF water purifier

It uses a hollow fiber membrane through which water passes so that suspended solids, other impurities can be retained in fiber. But it will not kill pathogens or microorganisms. This is only suitable for the water where salt level is low like public supply. Also, it is only effective with other water purification technologies. The important thing is it will work without electricity without using any chemical.

Activated Carbon water purifier

This purifier is made up of charcoal granules so that it is able to absorb pesticides and herbicides and it will work without electricity. It removes chemicals like chlorine when water passes through carbon granules and improves the taste of water. You will get an odor-free water

Why do you need RO based water purifiers:-

You can choose RO water purifier when the water consists of solids like fluoride, arsenic, lead. These all solids can cause serious health problems. You need to take a test of water after then when these things will be detected in your water then you can go for RO water purifier.

Why do you need to choose UV water purifiers?

If there are any waterborne diseases in the water which is the reason for the bacteria, viruses and other pathogens then you must go for UV water purifier. While you must choose RO + Uv water purifier If the water contains dissolved solids like arsenic, fluoride, lead along with the contaminants bacteria and viruses.

Check the Tds level of the water before buying a water purifier

As everyone knows about the concept of TDS in water. We can’t say TDS level is completely harmful to human beings in some way it is useful also as our body needs some of these minerals and salts for its healthy growth. So we can’t eliminate them completely from our drinking water. You should be aware that which TDS level is useful for you.

  • If the TDS level is below 300 then the water is considered to be excellent.
  • The water TDS level is in the range 300 to 600  then it is good for human consumption.
  • Water is fair and acceptable if the TDS level is above 600 but below 900.
  • If the TDS level is between 900 and 1200 then the water is of poor quality and you should avoid this.
  • Always ignore the water which TDS level is above 1200 because it can be harmful to you.

Features should be in your water purifier

Reverse Osmosis

This method of purification is used worldwide. It starts its purification with the passing of source water through a semipermeable membrane which is used to trap chemical impurities like arsenic, lead, mercury, and pesticide residues. While it also takes care of the bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. This purification method can eliminate TDS up to 90% using this process.

Sediment filter will remove visible suspended particles.

You can use this as an option fitted outside the machine. The sediment filter takes care of the visible suspended particles and larger impurities. It will increase the life of the RO membrane as it eliminates the larger particles and does not allow them to enter the machine. Don’t use this filter when the input source of water is clear and if you are getting the water which is distributed by municipalities

Pre-activated carbon filters

The pre-activated carbon filter will remove all the organic and the other volatile compounds from the water. So you will be able to get odor free water.

Ultraviolet protection 

Sometimes it happens that the pure water which is obtained through RO filtration contains traces of bacteria and viruses. The membrane which is equipped in the RO membrane cannot filter out impurities with molecular weight less than 20. These filters can not remove monovalent ions so that the water passes through the UV chamber. Ultraviolet radiation kills all microorganisms and bacteria so that water will completely healthy.

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When water will pass through an Ultrafiltration membrane then it will remove all the residual impurities. This filtration membrane consists of minute pores. This membrane can trap any impurities which have been left during the RO filtration.

 TDS Controller

TDS controller is the most important thing because the water that comes out of the RO water purifier is pure and healthy. But during the filtration, it completly removes TDS from the water, in fact, removes more than 90% of TDS from the input source. Some vitamins and minerals are useful for your body so you need to maintain some of them like calcium and magnesium, etc. So you need to control the TDS level.

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