Goal to a Healthy Lifestyle

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The medical panel believes in a comprehensive evaluation of the person wishing to undergo a weight loss program under any weight loss center.

Every weight loss center  approach includes the following steps

  • Medical history and Evaluation
  • Nutrition Counselling
  • Hormonal evaluation and treatment if required
  • Physical activity and Workout Guidance
  • Behavioural Therapy
  • Reversal of Hypertension and Diabetes
  • Maintenance in the Long Run

Complete Evaluation

Once you are associated with us, we listen and understand your requirements. We brief you about our holistic approach to melt extra pounds and stay fit and healthy.

You are clinically examined and the final investigations help us to understand where you stand in the weight loss journey. Accordingly, we decide the path to follow and personalized assessment is prepared for you to follow with our due support at each level.

If you are on medicines, the advice is taken from your treating doctor before the advent of weight loss program.


Nutrition Counselling

Next comes the diet and nutrition part, one of the most important components of weight loss. You have to find out what diet works for you or not. Diet is a vital part of weight loss program and self-discipline is important to achieve your goal to a healthy lifestyle.

Our nutritionist takes care of nutrition counseling. The BCA scale gives a total breakdown of your obesity level and then our panel arrives at a conclusion, which diet will be suitable for you.

Your previous diet schedule is scraped down, fitting in with our diet chart which is successful to lose extra bulges. Gradually, you are introduced to more of proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, fibers, etc. cutting down oil, carbs, sugar, and processed foods. Time schedule is ascertained for different meals throughout the day so that your body gets required fuel and calories, required to functioning to remain healthy and strong.

Hormonal Evaluation & Treatment

There are cases where in spite of managing diet and workout, you are unable to shed pounds. If you are sincere in weight management but your scale gives blows, certainly, something is wrong.

After evaluation, you are treated for the hormonal imbalance and your weight loss program is decided. Your investigation decides whether you can go for gradual, medium or aggressive weight loss. Each body is different and the needs vary.


Diet and workouts are the important components of a weight loss program, therefore, discipline in the region is important. If you are on diet but excluding workout, you are missing something important.

Our health coach defines the suitable workout sessions for you and they help to educate you to follow a certain workout. As discussed earlier, the exercise intensity differs from one individual to another based on age bracket, health condition, gender, size, and stature, etc.

Behavioural Therapy

Highly obese people sometimes get into depression when they feel they have lost their identity, spirit and the vigor to participate in sporty activities.

Our psychologists provide live sessions to understand you and take you out from the abyss of inactivity and depression.

Depression and a feeling of low entices person to eat more due to unexplained stress which leads to obesity.

Our weight loss management has helped to reverse BP and sugar in patients after shedding pounds. Post-program, maintenance is important to maintain the physique. Any laxity on your part can reverse and make you obese.

Weight loss center Indianapolis has rescued a large chunk from the clutches of obesity. The people who benefitted from our program are now health coaches which help the obese people to understand and meet live examples.


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