8 Key Flight Considerations for Elderly Travellers

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Boarding a flight with a senior travelers is easier said than done given the number of challenges involved in it. Plus, there is a long list of points that you must keep in mind to avoid complications that the subsequent stages. Here is a checklist of the critical points to consider in this regard.

Eight Key Points Are:

1. Plan ahead

A little research will help you keep the majority of your problems at bay. Try to find out as much information as you can about the flight which you are going to board. While this would be optional for solitary travelers, it is virtually mandatory if you are flying with a senior with a disability or on a wheelchair.

There is a lot that you need to find out for older adults. The essential ones include the kind of lavatory available on a flight, aisle seat locations, the availability of special seats for disabled persons, etc. Also, do not forget to keep an eye out for the storage facilities and potential limitations that may affect your travel.

2. Check out for air travel assistance

When a senior travel alone, it becomes more important to exercise caution. Checking out whether air travel assistance is available for them on a light is a crucial part of it.

Typically, all airlines are bound by law to have proper arrangements in place to help senior citizens board or deplane a flight. While airlines are required to extend their support for certain services, others may be optional. If a senior from your family happens to travel by flight and they need certain extensive personal services, make sure you plan for them before boarding the flight.

3. Have their medical check-up done to evaluate health issues

Senior citizens generally remain at the risk of health complications due to traveling. So, before boarding a flight, especially a long one, it is imperative that you get the medical check-up of your traveler done before they board the flight.

In case they have a health issue, it is a good idea not to take chances. If traveling is unavoidable in any way, it is essential that you make the necessary safety preparations to ensure their safety. It is recommended that they should carry a medicate document or certificate describing their condition. Plus, you should also make a point of taking medications and mobility aids as per their requirements.

If they are traveling alone, do not forget to pack these things in their travel bag.

4. Fly with a wheelchair

If an elderly traveler is physically challenged, carry a wheelchair is a must. However, keeping in mind the problematic logistics of airports, taking a personal wheelchair can be helpful even for seniors without any disability. This option can come in handy to help them deal with any issue related to mobility.

Some airlines also provide the option to reserve a wheelchair for senior citizens. Enquire with your service provider and check for the same to know about the availability of this option in detail. Make sure that you include the instructions to assemble or disassemble it, verify the physical condition of the wheelchair, and label detachable parts with proper name and address if required.

5. Manage your parking

Other than being expensive, airport parking can be a hassle. If you add a senior with a physical disability to the equation, things can get worse. So, you may want to want to make the necessary arrangements to overcome the difficulties associated with it.

Enquire about the parking charges beforehand and if possible, try to prepay the charges. By doing so, you can rest assured that you know the details of how much you have paid and can stay clear of paying other hidden costs. Paying the charges upfront will allow you to focus on other essential things linked to the traveling of a senior.

6. Prepare for security check up

Every passenger must pass through proper screening at the security checkpoint before boarding their flight. However, there are some special arrangements to facilitate elderly travelers. You can make use of such provisions to make it simple and easy for your elderly travel companion.

7. Look for a discount

There are discount schemes for senior citizens. Just as Jet Airways provides Jet Airways offers for the purpose, other providers also have their share of offers. Check with your preferred airlines to know more.

8. Book for special services on time

Do you know you can also avail discounted offers by applying the Jet Airways promo code while traveling with a senior citizen? Gather information about it beforehand, so you do not miss it out at any cost.


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