Pakistan Cinema Should Just Concentrate on Making Movies on Roasting Punjabis And Let Bollywood Take the Stories of Their Heroes

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Gul Makai MovieSo, the rumours are true!!! In January the rumours were that Indian Film industry is making a movie on the life of Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai,and now the poster has been released ! The movie is expected to be released in the following year. Here’s the poster of that biopic…

Since the release of movie has been confirmed…
Many people are really looking forward to this biopic because believe it or not, IF the movie is concentrating on Malala’s struggle and not concentrating to show the negative image of Pakistan (which is most likely expected) then it could be a great biopic !

Pakistan film industry and film makers are facing quite a lot of criticism from the audience because this is a story on which they should have made a movie already.

The Indian Express's Tweet about Malala Movie

Some twitter users’ reaction on it:

A tweet from Khawaja Nasir wrote about it:’

Another twitter user Gule’s expression on the same:

a pakistani tweeter user against malala movie By India

While some of Pakistani users are against it, They have fear about the negative image in the movie of Pakistan. A twitter user wrote on it.

A Twitter user praised it also :


As many people believe that Bollywood is never going to get rid of their “Conservative Attitude” so they all except it to be a typical movie with too much of ”Janaab” in it. We all know that in almost every movie/drama the routine of a Muslim is something like

Wake up a JANAAB, Brush your teeth a JANAAB, Go to work a JANAAB.

an indian twitter user on malala movies in india

Just too much of JANAAB !!!

Summing up the debate we can just expect it to be a good biopic of The Lion-Hearted Girl and expecting our film makers to make some movies on our national heroes and to bring some untold stories into the limelight.
What do you people think about this topic????

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