Richest Athlete in The World 2018

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Richest athlete in the world 2018 (Top 10)

Richest athlete in the world 2018 We’re looking at sports legends and wanted to show you which athletes managed to reach the Hall of Fame in the money department. These are the top ten richest athletes in the world.

  • 10- Eddie Jordan: Eddie Jordan estimated net worth four hundred and seventy five million dollars former racing driver. Eddie Jordan made a fortune after selling his entire racing team. Jordan Grand Prix back in 2005. Since then he diversified his portfolio and now is one of the richest people in Ireland.
  • 09-Al Davis: Al Davis estimated net worth 500 million dollars. al Davis is a former NFL coach and club manager being the majority owner of the Oakland Raiders for close to 40 years up until 2011. He started out humble and worked his way up through amateur football. He is now in the Hall of Fame as team and league administrator. Next in the list of richest athlete in the world 2018 is
  • 08-Roger Staubach: Roger Staubach estimated net worth just under six hundred million dollars. American football player Roger Staubach is a former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys after several great seasons he switched his interest to the business environment.He is currently the executive chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle a professional services and investment management company specializing in real estate. Which purchased Sal Beck’s real commercial real estate business back in 2008. Next in the list of richest athlete in the world 2018
  • 07-Magic Johnson: Magic Johnson estimated net worth six hundred million dollars. This former American basketball player took his 18 million dollar salary along with a couple of millions. He made some endorsements and went into business for himself launching a business empire called Magic Johnson enterprises. Which is valued at over 1 billion dollars. Today he owns Magic Johnson theaters a movie studio and a promotional marketing company in 1994. He bought a 4.5% stake in the Lakers for 10 million dollars a stake which he sold 15 years later for 60 million dollars. Recently he sold his Starbucks chain stores for 75 million. Next in the list of richest athlete in the world 2018 is
  • 06-Arnold Palmer: Arnold Palmer estimated net worth 675 million dollars. One of the greatest American golfers to ever live Arnold Palmer earned over his lifetime over 1 billion dollars in endorsements. If we were to adjust for inflation he’s also considered. One of the three legends that popularized the sport on the business side. He did well owning several golf clubs and a massive licensing company. Next in the list of richest athlete in the world 2018
  • 05-Tiger Woods :Tiger Woods estimated net worth 720 million dollars. Probably the best golf player to ever live. He’s made a lot of money playing golf but even more through endorsements. He has a five-year contract with Gatorade worth one hundred million dollars. He’s paid 20 million a year to endorse Gillette and earns as much as 1.5 million for appearances at events. Yes that’s 1.5 million just to show up a couple of years ago several women came forward as mistresses of his which led to the end of his relationship. Because of the infidelity and all the bad press he lost a ton of his sponsors but fortunately for him not all of them in the divorce. His former wife Swedish model Alan Erdogan went for everything he has but walked away with only a 100 million dollar settlement. If you think that was an expensive settlement. Next in the list of richest athlete in the world 2018 is
  • 04-Michael Schumacher: Michael Schumacher estimated net worth 800 million dollars. German Formula One racing driver Michael Schumacher is considered one of the most successful racing drivers of all time that translates to an incredible amount of money even in the years. He hasn’t been racing Michael would bring in at least fifty million dollars from endorsements at one point. Schell was paying him ten million per year just to wear a hat with their logo. When he goes out he took that money and smartly invested it. He now lives in Switzerland. Next in the list of richest athlete in the world 2018
  • 03-Vince McMahon: Vince McMahon estimated net worth 1 billion dollars on the 3rd place in our richest athletes in the world, is former wrestler and businessman. Vince McMahon the thing is for a couple of days. He lost his billionaire status towards the beginning of this year. When the stock for his company plummeted. He’s the guy who owns roughly 57% of world wrestling entertainment or WWE which has been a multibillion-dollar success. He once had a bet with Donald Trump in which each of them will pick a champion wrestler, they’ll fight and whoever loses has to shave his head completely. Vince lost… Next in the list of richest athlete in the world 2018 is
  • 02-Michael Jordan: Michael Jordan estimated net worth one point one four billion dollars. I know most of you were expecting Michael Jordan to be the richest. But he’s not there yet basketball legend. Michael Jordan is a billionaire. He is the richest basketball player in history but not the richest athlete. Although he no longer plays he still brings in between 50 and 100 million dollars per year in various endorsements, and business deals. His deal with Nike for the Jordan Brand makes him roughly 60 million dollars each year alone. When he signed the nicey deal he also got plenty of Nike stock that just keeps going up. The Jordans have been a huge success today 58% of all basketball shoe sales are. Air Jordans and the brand generates over 2.5 billion dollars in annual sales for Nike also. He’s had a nasty and expensive divorce himself but will not get into that. Last in the list of richest athlete in the world 2018 is
  • 01-Ion Be React: Ion Be React estimated net worth one point six billion dollars pet you weren’t expecting this. The former tennis player from Romania turned banker and insurance mogul is the richest athlete in the world. He was the first Romanian to enter the Forbes list. Once he retired from sports, he founded a private bank, then an insurance companies, then bought a tennis league ,then a logistic company and many more. Today he is one of the biggest business tycoons in Eastern Europe, expanding his business empire into real estate and venture capital. Please remember that these people’s wealth fluctuates over time. Most of you will probably notice that LeBron James is not in this ranking. Which is correct but also with a catch as of making this post King James only has a net worth of around 350 million. But he signed an exclusive deal with Nike for over a billion dollars over the course of his life. Which technically would make LeBron a billionaire but sometime in the future. now go ahead and share this article on social media with your friends, as you know we deserve it. You would also like a post on this blog (Smile Delivery Online) about 10 Tips For Healthy And Active Life.

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