5 Best Lip Stains Perfect For Winters By Revlon

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As the evening becomes a chiller and chiller and winter seems to be around the corner, everything seems to change all of a sudden. The clothing trends, the shoe wear trends, and even the makeup trends. Lip stains have gained immense popularity for being a better option if one does not want to go for lipsticks or lip glosses. Lip stains are much easier to work with due to their composition and the way they have been designed specifically the ones by Revlon. Revlon has come up with some warm browns and purples to spice your winters up in the most perfect way ever. Here are 5 of Revlon’s best lip stains for winter, which will just help you attain the perfect warmth that you need for your winters.


A perfect winter lip stain means a dark shade which is highly moisturizing because winter extremities just make the lips and skin crack. These 5 lip stains are amazing.

You can purchase these stains $6, over here while the market price is $12.

1- Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and Balm, 010 Twilight:
The shade is a transitional one between a warm red and a warm brown. It provides a very beautiful stain to your lips. The pencil-like tip makes it very easy to handle and to work with. You might think that the pencil tip will create any kind of lines however, it is perfectly smudged and evenly distributed on the lips. It does not cause any kind of streaks to appear on the lips.

The lip stain is not drying at all. It has a buttery consistency which makes it perfect to moisturize the lips and provide the necessary hydration to it. This is a dark shade but keeps you more on the neutral and natural side and it’s perfect for people who do not want to go with a high amount of makeup but want to keep the eyes minimal.
Beautiful for all day wear but specifically for dinners.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and Balm, 050 Lust: This is a cocoa brown shade which literally makes you feel the warmth of the winter once you take a look at it. There is a highly pigmented buttery color that appears once you swipe the lip stain on your lips. The lip stain glides perfectly on the lips in the right places and makes sure it does not slip into the fine lines of your lips. This Lip stain just distributes evenly and does not accumulate on one specific point making your lips look dry and crusty.

The little bad boy has literally the best consistency. People call it, ‘’kiss proof’’. So it stays put on the lips all day long. It provides the necessary hydration to your lips which serves as a cherry on top for winters. The pencil-like tip also helps draw the lips in a better way and then fill in.

 Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and Balm, Midnight 030: Numerous people confuse it with the 050 Lust. However, that is more of a cocoa chocolate kind of shade while this one falls into a coffee colored one. It is more of a darker one. Once you swipe the stain on your lips, you feel how of a good quality one it is because of how smooth and hydrating it feels on the lips. The lip stain sticks to your lips for hours. The pigmentation is not drying. It is a buttery kind of pigment which means it has a balm like formulation which helps in treating the lips. The pigmentation is intense but it won’t budge. So it is a combination of a lip stain and lip balm both brought together in the best way ever.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm, Crave 025: A warm berry purple tint. You cannot complete your winter’s makeup collection without just including purple in the list. It has a 5/5 formulation. It is more like winters in a tube because of the presence of the buttery balm, high pigmentation, and smooth touch to it. it is not sticky or too much oily at all. This will go with all skin tones. To add the perfect warmth to your chilly winter eves, this lip stain is a must and your collection won’t be complete without berry shades. The size is the right one and so is the packaging. You can pop it in your hand purse or wherever you want.

5- Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and Balm, Frenzy 015: So this is a purple shade but not like a berry purple but falls more on the lighter and a bit brighter zone. It is a comfortable purple which can complement all the skin tones. There’s a beautiful splash of color providing pigment at its best. Which is suitable for an all-day wear. It works as a therapy for the lips because of how moisturizing it is and because of its balm kind of consistency. It does not cause the lips to become crusty and does not crease as well.

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