7 Essential Clothes you Need to Carry for Hiking

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The first thing you think about after you and your friends have decided to go for a hike is what clothes to carry. This is a universal question, and many trips have got ruined due to improper clothing choices. The trick is to consider factors such as weight, functionality, and comfort. Here are some clothing options you must add or consider adding while hiking.


Graphic T-Shirt

T-shirts are the first basic wears you need to pack while backpacking, be it graphic t-shirts or designer t-shirts. T-shirts are extremely light and are very comfortable to wear during physical activities. They will not occupy a lot of space in your bag and aid in hiking. Cotton t-shirts have good sweat absorbing properties and white reflects sunlight. So, it is more than logical to include a white cotton t-shirt in your bag. Also, carry at least 2 sets of t-shirts. You can use one while hiking and the other for sleeping in.

Carrying 2 sets of t-shirts will not be as they are incredibly light. Buy graphic and designer t-shirts online before hiking. But it comes with a disadvantage as it takes a long time to dry.

Convertible pants –

Convertible pants

Hiking often means there will be times when you have to cross creeks or have to indulge in water. Also, it can get quite warm at times and carrying an extra 3/4th might just add volume to the bag. The best solution is to include convertible pants. They are useful for numerous activities such as for creek crossing. But if you choose zip-off pants, there are high chances of the zipper digging into your legs. Hence, you can go for pants which allow you to adjust its length such as roll-up pants and cinch pants.

Hoodies –


Hoodies are versatile and need to be included in your list. They can be used for more than merely giving warmth. You can convert them as they can be used while hiking, sleeping or as a pillow during warmer days. They can be thus used in summers and well as winters.

Long-sleeve shirt or t-shirt – 

Long-sleeve shirt or t-shirts

You don’t want to get exposed to all that harmful rays of sunlight. So carrying a long-sleeve shirt or t-shirt is ideal during hiking. Not only will it protect you from sunlight but also inspects.

Inner-wear –

Depending upon your gender; underwear, brassieres, and camisoles are a must for hiking. Carrying more than 2 to 3 sets of inner-wear is mandatory. You can choose the length and material depending on your comforts such as boy-short cut, boxer length, nylon-spandex mesh undies, and wool undies. Choose sports bras as others have plastic or metal parts that can dig into the skin. Tank tops and camisoles are also light, warm, and give a good night’s sleep. You can also consider long underwear and base layer tops during colder weather.

Yoga pants or tights – 

These are ideal to wear during hiking as they are stretchy, comfortable, and easy to hike in. But though it proves comfort, it might not do a good job in protecting you from mosquitoes or during rock scrambling as they are not durable enough. So carry them only for extreme comfort or if you think you can pair it smartly.

Hiking skirts or skorts – 

Hiking skirts or skorts

Skorts are stretchy and have a built-in liner. This will not distract you while in your physical activates. Moreover, they are very comfortable. Hiking skirts are yet another wear you can consider including if you are hiking in coolers weather. Wearing an insulated skirt over yoga tights can give you warmth.

These are the basic clothing choices that you need to include in your bag. Pay attention to the fabric of these clothes. Do not forget to take bandana, a pair of socks, and gloves as well. Happy hiking!


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