5 Makeup Hacks Everyone Should Know

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People think that doing your makeup is easy, but that’s not the case. It’s a task that requires skills and continuous practice to be able to do it as flawlessly as makeup artists. The key to conquering makeup is that you need to know the tips. The tips that prevent serious mistakes from happening and leave your makeup looking fresh and flawless! Here are the 5 major tips that you should have on your fingertips if you want to have a great look:

1. Always use a primer!

If you want to achieve the dewy and fresh look and prevent any cracks from appearing on your face after applying foundation, you MUST use a primer. A primer preps your face for foundation, as it fills in any cracks and smooths out any fine lines on your face, making your skin even for when you apply your concealer and foundation on top.

2. Do your eye makeup first!

When you’re going for a heavy look, using eyeshadows and pressed glitters, make sure to do your whole eye makeup first, including your eyeliner and mascara. Only after completing your eyes should you start applying your foundation and face powder, as it cleans up any residue or fall-off of the glitters and eye shadows that must have fallen onto your eye bags. If you apply your foundation first, then your fallen eyeshadow powder will stick to your skin, ruining your entire makeup look, making it look untidy.

3. Use a foundation that matches your undertone.

Never apply a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone, as it ends up oxidizing as soon as it dries, giving you a cracked and grey look. Before purchasing a foundation, do a patch test on three places – your cheek, wrist, and neck. If the foundation blends in perfectly, giving you your original skin tone, without darkening or lightening your complexion, then that’s the perfect shade for you. And it will give you the best look after application.

4. Apply eyeliner according to your eye shape.

Many people have different eye shapes, which means they must apply eyeliner in a shape that brings out their eyes and makes them look bigger and fuller. If you have round, big eyes, then simple thin liner on your eyelids will be sufficient. If you have small, oval eyes, you must apply a cat wing, to make your eyes look larger. You should identify your eye shape, and use eyeliner about the way, to make your eyes look fuller.

5. Use highlighter on your high points!

This has been the year of highlighter, and people have gone overboard with it, applying it everywhere on their face. This only ends up ruining your makeup and making it look overdone. It’s important to apply at the correct places, as the point of highlighter is to bring out your facial features, and so highlighter is applied only on the high points of your face, like your cheek bones, your nose, your upper lips, the top of your forehead, your chin and sometimes your eyebrow bone. This brings out your features, making you shine from afar!

If you follow these basic tips when applying your makeup, you’re bound to get a perfect makeup look, making you look as fabulous as you wanted to! So make sure to remember these tips!


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