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Judging by the fashion shows, this year many trends will migrate from winter wardrobes to spring wardrobes – which, you see, is very practical. We study the main long-lived trends.

suits for girls

Suits for girls

The suit itself is a very versatile thing, but it has become truly trendy only this winter. An important addition: the suit must be a bright color. At the peak of popularity are orange and crimson shades, fuchsia and animal prints. And the Italian brand Pinko went further and combines orange and raspberry in one look. If such experiments are not for you, then complement the classic black two-piece with a crop top or long sleeve with bold cutouts – they also do not lose their relevance.

cargo pents n jeans for girls

Cargo Pants & Jeans

Undoubtedly, cargo pants became the main trend of last summer – and quietly migrated to winter collection shows. Now it is already obvious that in the spring this silhouette will not lose its relevance – contrary to the opinion of skeptics who considered cargo, far from traditional ideas about femininity, a one-day trend. You can combine such trousers and jeans with massive shoes, sneakers and even stilettos – the latter option was especially widely presented at the Genny brand show, and their cargo looks almost like part of an evening look.

outdoor footwear

Outdoor footwear

By the way, about shoes. In 2023, a compromise has finally been found between style and practicality. Comfortable models rule the show – earlier they were used mainly in tourism and for outdoor activities, but now they have migrated to the catwalks. Timberlands and hikers are in trend. They should be on a massive, even rough, sole and with noticeable lacing. For example, the quattrocomforto women’s timberlands: the upper is made of brutal artificial nubuck, the flexible TPR sole allows the foot to take a natural shape when walking and at the same time looks fashionably menacing due to the so-called tractor tread.

Such models are perfectly combined with cargo, which was written about above, jeans and even with classic trousers – similar duets were seen on fashion catwalks. Timberlands are better to choose sand shades – they have long been considered a classic option and this year they will still be at the peak of popularity.

In addition to the fact that these shoes are comfortable, they favorably emphasize the slimness of the legs, and they are also not afraid of bad weather. Well, and most importantly, such boots have been relevant for several years, and they can rightly be considered long-playing classics.



Down with stereotypes: clothes with sequins, previously considered the prerogative of a festive look, have become one of the most fashionable trends in everyday life this year, and designers clearly do not intend to say goodbye to this bright trend, so we will see it at the 2024 show. So, any element of the wardrobe with sequins becomes a must-have for every fashionista. The only rule is a sense of proportion. Such a thing in itself is a bright accent, so the rest of the things should only serve as a neutral background for it.


The noble emerald color also continues its triumphal procession along the catwalks of fashion shows. Designers presented it in different shades – from herbal to rich bottle. At the same time, in many collections, the emerald color is combined with the same sequins and metallics, as, for example, with the Italian brand Patrizia Pepe, where even a fur coat supports an emerald total bow. In addition, these shades were actively used in shoes and accessories. Perhaps the most interesting option for the coming spring.


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