Careers in Fashion Industry

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Are you someone who has always been fascinated by the world of fashion and trends? Are you someone who has always dreamt of becoming a star in the fashion industry? Well, if so, this article is just for you. The first step that takes you closer to your dream is an ample amount of research. Now that you’ve already begun that, we assume you are planning to make a lucrative career in the glamour industry.

Apart from a diploma or degree that lines with the role you are planning to pursue, what really takes to get into the industry is dedication and passion. As we explore the various career options related to the fashion industry, let us first understand that it is a highly creative, and one of the very well paid jobs. During the learning phase, designers undergo training and they explore markets to look for the latest trends. Here are some of the areas that are open for people who have an interest in the fashion domain.


  1. Fashion Designer

As we all know, fashion designing is one of the most loved areas in the field of fashion. If you have a knack to craft someone that’s unique, this could be your areas of interest. From clothes to footwear to jewellery, fashions designers are a pro at it. This includes framing design in your mind, then sketching, later finding the material and accessories to execute your design. The budding fashion designers who idolize Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Masaba and more must understand that each event that looks glamorous in the end had to put in months of efforts to bring out every trend.


  1. Retail Buyer

Now, this role involves an immeasurable amount of market research. As much as designing is an art, finding the right material is a bigger task. Retail buyers in the fashion industry have an in-depth knowledge of markets and manufacturers of the material they need every day. Furthermore, retail buyers source ready products and sell them at their stand-alone outlets. The retail business in India has a huge market and booming day by day.


  1. Retail Manager

Stepping in the managerial roles, people into retail generally manage departmental stores or boutiques of big brands such as ZARA or Lifestyle. These managers are generally supervising the staff in daily operations. They ensure to meet targets, work on the implementation of the latest promotional schemes. These retail managers also ensure that their customers have a good experience at their stores and resolve any disputes if they occur.


  1. Stylist

Every design that is introduced by a designer has to be carried well. To ensure that people pick the right pieces from a designer’s collection, Stylist comes to play a role. Other than this, they also make sure that everything goes well as per the personality of an individual. From hairstyle, jewellery to foot ware and makeup, stylish looks into everything.


  1. Jewellery/ footwear/ Design

Now that we have discussed much the accessories that go along with any costume, we must know that it is yet another field in which you can pursue a career. There is a whole market that looks for accessories that go along with regular and designer wear. What is even more interesting is that this career never goes down.


Now that you are exploring your options to make a career in the Fashion Industry, it is advisable to talk to an expert to see what suits your profile the best. One such player in the industry is Leverage Edu that helps students’ identity the right career path and assists them with their applications. We hope this article has helped you with the information you needed. For more such content, stay tuned!


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