Top 20 Gifts For Wife On The First Anniversary

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Wedlock is a type of a lock in which two individuals agreeably give their consent on spending the rest of their life together no matter what is the circumstance! An anniversary is a  milestone that celebrates their togetherness. This milestone can be memorialized by a wedding anniversary gift.

Best Anniversary Gift Ideas

The gift should be such that the wife should feel the love, which her husband carries for her. The primary forms of gifts can help to boost up the relation; however, there should be the special best gift for wife on wedding anniversary as that is a remembrance of the day when she was lawfully yours.

A gift is a gift; it does not matter how costly it is, what matters is you remembered that particular day and are happy and grateful to have her in your life. Though gift act as a symbol of your love towards her, the main thing is your feelings towards her.

  • Personalized Photo Frame

A frame with the photo of one’s first date, or such a moment which mattered to one, like the first kiss, or a proposal, or such other thing can be cherished forever in a personalized photo frame.

personalized photo frame gifts for anniversary

  • Fragnances

Perfumes are one of the best sold anniversary gift one can find. It is romantic, cute, and one can never go wrong with perfume. Deodorants and perfumes can be used daily, which will bring you both closer as she will remember how much you love gifts perfumes

  • Jewellery

A pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings are an excellent idea to gift when one likes to wear it. Jewellery generally is a weak point of women; it can also be customised according to the liking, like get a name on a bracelet or a heart-shaped pendant. anniversary jewelry

  • Flowers And Chocolates

A bit old school but the most favourite and loved gift. Fresh flowers may remind her about the freshness in your relationship, and the chocolates are welcome anywhere and anytime. The gift which is to be given does not necessarily have to be always costly; what matters most is it should convey your feeling.anniversary gifts for wife - flowers and chocolates

  • A Pair Of Wine Glasses

This is a type of gift which can be used by both of you, a beautiful glass of wine will bring you both closer and together. The wine glasses can also indicate that whatever we do, we do it together. Also is the type of help in enhancing a romantic mood.


  • Personalised Bedside Lamp

Bedside lamp or a night lamp is a very thoughtful gif; it can be personalized with any pattern or design. You can even have her or your both photo on it. When and as the light in the lamp will glow, so will you both.


  • Mug Warmer

This gift is best for working ladies; this mug warmer is a very useful gadget. It is in a small size of a tea coater, which is charged with the help of USB. Other than plastic or thermocol any other material cup can be placed on this coaster. The liquid inside tea or coffee will get hot, and your lady can enjoy this hot beverage if you gift her this. This will surely let her know your concerns for her.

  • Cushion Covers

Here we are not talking of the normally printed cushion cover, a personalized message or a love quote elevates the standard of the present. The gift will be of daily use the cushions are kept on the sitting arrangements in the sitting room

  • Calendar

You can personalize the calendar in most romantic ways of how each month spending with her has made your life better. This calendar can bear her photos or love quotes or inspiration quotes.

  • Grooming hamper

This is one of the best gifts that she can have. A grooming kit can be personalized with herbal or branded products. The hamper can contain shampoos, conditioners, body wash, moisturisers, cremes, a spa kit, or even a makeup kit. It is a comfortable gift and makes one feel that their partner wants them to feel special and that they want to take care of them.

  • Handbags

For this type of gift, you will have to study a bit first, like what is a regular required size? Whether you are interested in buying for daily use or occasional use? The answer to all these will lead you to her exact liking, and then you can buy her a handbag. This too will be of a great useable item.


  • Personalized Coffee Or Tea Mug

A coffee mug can also serve as a great useable gift, you can select the design on the mug, from her favourite cartoon characters, quotes, or photos.

  • Lovance Carisma Perfume For Women EDP:

The perfumes can be the fascinating gifts to make the beloved wife feel pampered. This mesmerizing aroma through the blend of various floral and fruity essences would make this one of the most delighting gifts for wife suitable for different occasions. The wife would feel very happy to be gifted with this as she can wear this perfume on special occasions for an appealing presence.


  • Diesel Plus Plus Feminine Perfume For Women:

The gorgeous looking wife would love to be gifted with the magnificent perfumes from the renowned brand. The style and fashion can be taken to the next level wearing this soothing aroma that adds glamor to their presence on various special occasions, parties and celebrations. This can be the perfect gift to impress the style conscious wife.


  • Exclusive Designer Looks With Personalised 3D Name Necklace:

The  name of thee wife provided by the buyer would be crafted with the combination of 18 carat gold and sterling silver for glorious 3D looks. The name pendant would be added to an 18 inches chain. This can be the most fascinating surprise gift for wife suitable for various special occasions. The jewelry can be personally used by the beloved wife and this also makes her to feel emotionally attached with the hubby.


  • Love Story In Pictures Poster Frame:

The collection of 12 photographs would be printed on the A4 sized poster along with the names of the partners and a beautiful love message. This frame can be gifted to the wife to let her cherish the memories of the great times celebrated along with the beloved hubby. This can be the memorable gift that can be retained in the showcase, or hung on a wall.


  • Personalised Romantic Arrangements With Red Candle & Chocolates:

The beautiful tile frame printed with the beautiful and romantic photograph of the couple and the polka hearts can be the fascinating gift idea. This glamorous frame is also added with red heart shaped cushion and heart shaped handmade chocolates wrapped in glossy red wrappers. This combination would be a fantastic gift to greet the beloved wife on her birthday, their wedding anniversary or the romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day.


  • Personalised Photo Clock:

The photograph of the couple extracted from their wedding album needs to be uploaded by the husband. The online gift service arranges to print this photograph on the wall clock and ships the fabulous gift to the doorstep of the wife. This can be the best gift for wife on wedding anniversary as it take her to the memories of the special day and brings the feeling of emotional unity.


  • Personalised Photo Bottle Lamp:

The colorful glass bottle is printed with the couple’s photograph uploaded by the husband. This bottle is placed on a base and is inserted with a neon or LED lamp. The printing is carried out using the latest technology to ensure durability. As the lamp is switched on, the photograph looks absolutely brilliant. This can be used as a night lamp in the bedroom or can even be kept on a corner table in the living room.


Marriage is just the beginning of a long journey together; anniversaries are like milestones. As the days pass by the spark which was, in the beginning, may not retain. However, the partner must see that the spark is maintained, which can be done by the wedding anniversary gift. There are so many ideas that are suggested above, from which you can choose one and give them to your lady, as per your budget and her choices. As said earlier, the cost is just a numbering such emotional things; the most what will matter to her is your infinite love.

An anniversary should not act as a speed breaker in the martial journey, whereas it should serve as a speed booster for the future long road ahead. Gifting, other than just a custom, it should be like a medium which shows gratitude on your part to your wife, that you are happy to have her in your life.  The anniversary gift is a token of how glad you are with her. You can choose from a variety of best gift for wife on wedding anniversary

Whatever the gift type it may be your wife, will be certainly more than happy to receive it from you, and hence this gift can also make an unforgettable memory in your future life. One more thing you can to uplift her memory is to organize a surprise party and offer your unconditional love with your unique gift.


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