Why Men Must Use After Shave Skin Conditioner or Lotion

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Beard is the only ornament a man has got some opt to keep it, and some opt to clean it. Shaving off the beard doesn’t mean that one does not intend to keep it or something like that; sometimes shaving off the beard is a requirement for a job interview or meeting because having an untrimmed beard shows signs of untidiness. Sometimes hormones develop so quickly and result in full grown beard in just a young age; this results in being an outcast to the school group. Shaving isn’t just about fully removing the beard; it’s more than that it’s like performing an art over an artistic piece if done wrong might result in failure.

After Shave LotionAs in today’s world, no one has time to go to a salon for a proper shave as it takes so much time. So what everyone does is that they shave at home and forget the basic rules of shaving which worsens the skin and welcomes unknown diseases.

Why aftershave is necessary for the skin

  • The hairs of the beard are not thick enough, so one applies the shaving cream to make it thick
  • Then shaves it with a shaving blade and cleans with water
  • Now everyone thinks that they are done with the shave
  • But the beard hair pores are still open and as known to everybody that bacteria’s are present everywhere
  • Then they will use these pores to get into the skin and cause irritation, skin infection, etc
  • The thickness factor will then continue to an extent until medication is not taken and the shaving creams or soaps contain a high amount of alcohol which is not good for skin, so aftershave is necessary for this too.

How does aftershave works

  • After the shaving process is complete, then one just wash it with water and thinks the work is done
  • But this is the point where after shave lotion should be applied because those pores which are open due to the removal of hairs will allow bacteria inside then skin infection, irritation will happen
  • So what this aftershave does is that it blocks all the pores which were created by the removal of the beard hairs and by blocking the pores it stops all the bacteria from getting inside
  • Apart from bacteria, it stops the dirt also from getting inside
  • After applying the aftershave lotion on the shaved part, it gives a coldly-clumsy feeling on the skin and leaves a scent.

Which aftershave lotion to choose

Nothing to worry about as there is a solution to each and every problem. But as stated there are too many solutions to every problem so here are some handful tips which will help one to choose the right type of after shave lotion-

  • One should apply only those things which shoot their skin. So just giving a look on the back side of any lotion will give an idea
  • This is a skin problem so only trusted, and well-reviewed products should be chosen
  • Type of scent also matters as the aftershave will do its work but the scent will cause irritation, so one should only pick up the scent they like.

But what if there is one aftershave lotion which acquires all the given points and has been in the market for quite some time with a good reputation. It’s afta after shave lotion, not just a lotion only it works as an antiseptic to the infections also it is specially formulated to remove the skin irritation. Afta after shave lotion can be ordered online or bought on stores too.

Those individuals who have an oily face might need more than just an aftershave lotion, and it’s called after shave skin conditioner which only applied when one is suffering from the oily face condition. When shaving is done on these type of skins they extract all the oils from the skins and keep them dry this doesn’t get healed up by applying just the after shave lotion because it only closes the pores for the bacteria. So on that point after shave skin conditioner works it provides smooth and needed care to the skin after the shaving. Afta after shave skin conditioner is one of the best out there as this comes for every type of skin conditions so if the individual is suffering from any type of skin condition then they will have pretty much option in afta after shave skin conditioner to choose.


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