How to get a ripped beach body for this summer season like India’s top male model Karan Oberoi

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Planning to Head towards the beach, guys? Wana look ripped?  In your favorite swim trunks and sunglasses? A physique that’s worth Instagramming? And flaunting in front of your friends or chicks??

We gone answer answer every question asked above! An enviable body is everyone’s dream. However, a beach body is a completely different ball game. There’s a discipled diet and hard workout, but if putting it to use was that easy, every one could have achieved that. India’s top male model who is also a fitness model Karan Oberoi model has been sustaining with enviable physique since a decade. Internet is flooded with pictures of this hot hunk posing  in all colored swim trunks and underwear and so as his fitness articles and videos. I had google and read few articles on this hunk Karan Oberoi also known as KO, and finally here to disclose every secret how to achieve that ripped physique that you have been wondering till now.  One of India’s leading fitness models, Karan Oberoi ‘KO’, believes hydration is the key for abs visibility. “You need to start drinking lots of water to get rid of water retention caused by sodium retention, which leads to bloating,” says Oberoi. The 32-year-old model also swears by daily short cardio sessions to burn and reduce belly fat.

Remember abs are made in the kitchen

‘Watch what you eat.’ Don’t skip meals or experiment with fad diets. Your diet should be a good mix of protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre along with water. Drinking lot of water is the key to look ripped as it helps to get rid of water retention. Its important to follow the strict diet regime that should consist of right food such as green vegetables, quinoa, oats, broccoli, oranges, tuna, salmon and much more.

High protein Diet

male model model karan KO Oberoi hot underwear modelOpt for lean protein (eggs, chicken and turkey, low-fat dairy, and fish). Your recommended protein intake depends on a number of factors (daily physical activity, height and body weight, workout goal).

Forget refined or bad carbs: 

These are easily digested in the body, but can spike blood sugar levels. What’s worse — extra sugar is converted to fat. Go for complex carbs (found in oats, brown rice, whole-wheat bread, sweet potatoes) which take time to get digested in the body, but contain the all-important fibre — our next point.

Always include Fiber in your diet:

Starving is a no-no. Never starv your body if you actually looking to look ripped this summer. Indian model Karan Oberoi model emphasizes to keep taking small meals after every hour if you are actually looking forward to look ripped. Eating more less times a day leads to bloating.  It leads to muscle and stamina loss. You need to eat, so instead of relying on junk food for snacking, go for fruits such as guavas, raspberries and apples, and sprouts. Food rich in fibre keeps you full for longer with fewer calories. Fruits with yoghurt  have been deemed helpful in reducing belly fat. They also aid digestion and boost metabolism, both of which are central for a strong and defined core.

High-fiber foods are such as:

  •  Fiber fruits include: bananas,  strawberries, raspberries, they are also antioxidant which gives glowing skin.
  • VEGETABLES. Generally, the darker the color, the higher the fiber content such as spinach
  • Brown bread, wheat flour, brown rice, quinoa and oats
  • Nuts and almonds.

Work out the entire body:

Your body needs to be proportionate, which means when you are working out, you have to focus on both the upper and the lower body. However, some men still shy away from taking the shirt and the shorts off on the beach. And that’s because of two reasons — abs lacking definition and visibility along with small calves. Hence, one needs to specifically focus on these two body parts. Cardio, functional workout and running also plays major role in looking ripped. So make sure you run a lot, for energy you can drink a cup of coffee before workout.

Abs training is must but never ignore the rest of the body:

Instead of focusing specifically on the abs, focus on your entire core — the abdomen, lower back, and pelvis. This doesn’t mean you stop doing those crunches, but that you should add exercises like planks and battle ropes to your arsenal.  As with any form of exercise, focus on the right form instead of the number of repetitions. Also, remember supersets with stretching exercises can help you to get your goal closer.



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