Professional Hair Clipper Brands That You Must Know

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Before buying a hair clipper or a trimmer for your facial hair or for groom your head and body, you must have some idea about the hair clipper brands. A thousand hair clippers and trimmers are available in the market with hundreds of brands. All the brands are not equal with their quality, design, features, and performance. Some come out with a lot of features but you have to know which features are essential and which gives you more comfort.

Moreover, here you find the best brand and top-rated hair clippers for you and for your family. Also, you get the professional grade hair clippers and trimmers for your barber shop.

Why You Need To Know Clippers Brand

Before using a hair clipper or hair trimmer for your personal grooming, you must know about it. These devices go through touching your body and facial skin. So, it’s very much important to know about types of hair clippers and trimmers. Also, need to know about the features and benefits and what is best suited for you.

Best Hair Clipper Brands For You

For your conveniences, here our expert reviewed team find out the top 10 best hair clipper brands for home and professional use. These brands are the best selling product for hair care category at Amazon.

Wahl: The brand Wahl is the number one brand for hair cutting tools in the market since 1919. Wahl also invented the first electric hair clippers for its consumers. To promote the services smoothly Wahl has 1500 employees who work worldwide. The headquartered of the Wahl is Sterling, Illinois, USA and supplies their products 165 countries.wahl

Braun: The brand Braun produces beard trimmers and shavers and that’s very much skin comfortable along with close haircutting. The electric shavers from the Braun are popular with its consumers. This brand helps you to achieve the perfect trimming and stylish as your desire.

Remington:  Remington produces their products worldwide and already creates a positive market for them. Also, they produce electric hair clippers and trimmers both for men and women and flat iron with a hair straightener, etc.

Philips: The well-known brand Philips mainly produces electronics product and they also produce hair clippers also. The design and performance of the Philips hair clippers and trimmers are very lucrative. They cut 2x faster than any other normal hair clippers. Moreover, the Titanium blades remain longer lasting and harder than steel. For any support, you can contact them.

Gillette: The founder of the Gillette brand is King C. Gillette. Gillette produces their razor since 1900. In 1957, they produce adjustable razor first and people took the advantages. In 1971, they first produce twin blade system for their consumers. In the nineties, they launched the sensor technology. Now they produce 3 and 5 blades razor for their customers.

Andis: The shaving service period of the brand Andis is more than 95 years. Andis clippers are small in size but faster than other clippers that are available in the market. The Andis master and Andis Fade master hair clippers are well-known to all. This Andis brand is very much choices by the barber. For a local distributor, call 800-558-9441 or visit

Panasonic: The brand Panasonic go ahead with a voice of “A Better Life, A Better World,”. This is known as the Panasonic Corporation of North America and works for the betterment of the world people since 1918. The Panasonic Corporation produces hair clippers product with a good design and fills up their customers demand.

Oster: A lot of best hair clippers are produced by the brand Oster. For more about the best one of Oster check the Oster fast feed hair clippers introducing in this year. For another professional check the keyword on Oster classic 76 hair clippers introducing in this year.

Sminiker: For a professional combo hair cutting kit you may choose the Sminiker. The combo kit allows cordless dogs and cats as well as other pets grooming kit for you. For check, the best one from Sminiker check the keyword Sminiker quiet pro hair clippers reviews.

Buyer’s Guide About Cordless Hair Clippers

In the market, you see a lot of hair clippers that provides the opportunity for cordless use. Now a days, people liked it most because it gives them easy to use and move to any places.

Today’s people’s choices goes to the cordless hair clippers and I think whenever you buy a hair clipper, you may consider to buy the cordless one. In addition, the Electric cordless hair clippers are costlier than manual one.
Final Words
All the brands are popular with its customers with different types of hair clippers, trimmers, shavers, ear, and nose hair trimmers. But the choices different from men to men and their grooming needs.
If you want to check the best one for you from different choices check the top rated hair clippers for home and professional use. I think this will serves your desired demand.


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