Smartest Dog Breed in the World

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A smartest dog breed is distinguished by a good memory, quick reaction and a sharp mind. Researchers at the University of Helsinki put 1,002 dogs of 13 different breeds on a series of cognitive and behavioral tasks to determine the smartest breed in the world. In all tests and tasks, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois (or Mekhelaar) became the absolute leader.

The Belgian Malinois is the smartest dog breed, scoring 35 points out of 39 possible. In second place were Border Collies (26 points), in third – the German breed Hovawart (25 points).

According to veterinarian Bart Stegen, this result is not surprising at all. “In terms of learning, two breeds stand out: the Malinois and the Border Collie. Both breeds were originally used on farms to herd herds. It requires self-control. Decades of natural selection have only strengthened this self-control,” he stressed.

Stegen added that it is precisely because of these qualities that the Malinois is one of the most popular police dogs in the world:

“Their cognitive qualities make them easy to train. In addition, they have a well-developed sense of smell, better than a border collie.”

Among the other leaders in the ranking of the smartest dogs are the Labrador and the Golden Retriever. They were especially good at interpreting human gestures. The vet explained that they are socially adjusted and “because they are a little less intelligent, they are less interested in learning all sorts of things. This usually makes them a good family dog.”

In addition to being great companions, dogs are also animals capable of learning complex commands and adapting to complicated situations, which demonstrates a form of developed intelligence.

As most people will prefer to choose their dog breed based on their intelligence, here are the top 10 smartest dog breeds, from last to first.

1. Belgian shepherd

There is no doubt: the most “gifted” are the Belgian malinois, a Belgian shepherd dog often chosen as a police dog, who obtained 35 points out of 39. They are followed in the ranking by the Australian kelpies, Labrador retrievers, Border collies and Golden retrievers.

Belgian Shepherd - smartest dog breed in the world

2. The Border Collie

The Border Collie is recognized as the most intelligent dog breed in the world and is the 2nd position of best dog breed in the world list. This breed of dog was originally used for pasture, to guard the herds. Today Border Collie dogs are very popular thanks in particular to their ability to reproduce or learn difficult “tricks” rather quickly. Attention, it is a race which does not support the idleness. You must give him plenty of time and keep him busy so that he is happy and fulfilled in your home. We would therefore not recommend it to a person who lives in an apartment and who does not have a lot of time available for his dog, especially long and long walks. He is also a very affectionate and docile dog!

Border Collie dog breed

Formerly a hunting dog for water animals such as ducks, the poodle is now known to be a dog capable of learning all kinds of complicated tricks. He excels in particular in circus numbers, during which he can make great performances.

3. German Shepherd

No wonder the German Shepherdes the most popular dog breed in the world – in the ranking of the most intelligent dog breeds, compiled by psychologist Stanley Coren, the German Shepherd takes third place. A strong and hardy beast, whose ancestor was, according to cynologists, a small Indian wolf, has not only unsurpassed security qualities, but also the highest intelligence, which allows German shepherds to perform a wide variety of official tasks.

German Shepherd - 3rd best dog breed in the world

German Shepherds can be found in almost all services where intelligence, devotion, perseverance in executing a command, the ability to quickly navigate in new circumstances, endurance and even the ability to sacrifice are needed. Police, military, customs officers, rescuers should thank German captain Max von Stephanitz for their faithful friend, who at the end of the 19th century decided to bring to a single breed standard the numerous shepherd dogs who performed shepherd service in the fields of Germany.


4. Poodle Dog Breed

The poodle is also a very good dog to live with the family, but it will however need a lot of attention, since it is extremely close to its master, so much so that it can sometimes be depressed during too frequent absences or too prolonged.

Poodle dog breed

The physique of the poodle is famous, its hair is curly or curly and of very variable color. It measures between 35 and 40cm at the withers for about ten kilos (we are talking here about the average poodle).

5. The golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is a dog of British origin that was originally used for hunting as a supply dog. Since the 1990s, this dog has been extremely popular in families, since it is very gentle with children, in addition to being very playful and intelligent. Its great intelligence also makes it the most used dog as a guide dog for the blind, even before the Labrador.

The golden retriever dog breed

Physically, the golden retriever resembles the labrador (they are therefore often confused), with the difference that his hair is long.

Its coat is creamy-white to dark gold (hence its name), and it measures 50 to 56cm at the withers for a weight of about 30kg.

6. The Doberman

The Doberman under his aggressive appearance can turn out to be rather affectionate, he simply must not be rushed and be very careful during his education. On the other hand, he reveals himself to have an intelligence and a courage worthy of this top. Faithful and very good at following orders, the Doberman can thus become a very good watchdog. However, please give him love and the opportunity to walk and run so that he can flourish more easily.

doberman dog breed

7. The Shetland

Sheepdog As its name suggests, this dog from the Shetland Islands was originally used as a shepherd. This loyal dog has a strong bond with its master and family. He has a very high intelligence which makes him particularly effective. He knows how to learn and recognize many commands and tricks. Like all the dogs mentioned above, the Shetland Sheepdog requires attention and above all the possibility of doing activities that will require his intelligence.

Shetland dog

8. Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever, which serves as a human companion as a guide dog, drug detection dog, and lifesaving dog. Indeed, this dog is initially a perfect family dog, with its playful, faithful and happy character. Be careful though, the Labrador may not be aware of its size and strength as an adult, which sometimes leads to small accidents when playing with children.

Labrador retriever

In addition to this, the Labrador Retriever has a very great capacity for learning, so much so that it is very often used as an assistance dog for the disabled, visually impaired or hearing impaired.

The physique of this brave animal is well known: a coat of very variable color, which can go from white to black, passing through beige or chocolate. It measures between 53 and 60cm at the withers for about thirty kilos.

9. Papillon Dog Breed

The Papillon , also known as the Continental Miniature Spaniel, already bears its look in its name: the plush fur on the ears is reminiscent of butterfly wings and its name means nothing other than “butterfly”. The →small dog breed is often underestimated due to its delicate appearance and small size . The Papillon is anything but a lap dog – whether at the French court or in the British royal house , the →breed originating from France was and is always a committed companion who learns new things quickly and happily.

papillon dog breed

In addition to its clever nature, the Papillon’s strengths also include its adaptability and friendly nature towards people and animals. His capacity for vigilance should not be underestimated, as he occasionally rallies his confidence and defends his favorite bipeds. In general, however, the Papillon is considered a →quiet dog breed, which is also ideal for beginners.

10. English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is a small dog breed . Its body is robust, compact, harmonious and very elegant in its lines. The muscular structure is well developed, the shoulders high, the ears long and covered with thick hair.

English cocker spaniel dog breed

Due to its convivial and meek disposition, it is a dog that can coexist peacefully with children as long as they don’t pull their ears and don’t try to take away the bone or food while they eat!


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