Review On Masala Monk’s Intensity 54% – Chocolate and Rhum Spread

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For the midnight cravings or just to meet the urgent need of the tummy, spreads are always there to the rescue. But who knew that the rescue team had been working hard to produce something as tempting and as tasty as a Chocolate and Rhum Spread.

Yes, the very spread about which you wanted to try and know everything about, is finally here by my side while I am writing the review on it. So, just sit with me for a few more minutes and you’ll find out all that you need to know before making a purchase; well yeah, that is definitely happening!

The Ingredients Of The Chocolate and Rhum Spread

Well as the name itself suggests, the two main food items used in preparing the amazing jar of this spread are Cocoa and Cuban Rhum. So let’s find out what all goes into the making of this great spread:

  1.       Dark chocolate: it comprises of cocoa butter, cocoa paste along with sugar.
  2.       Cuban Rhum
  3.       Water
  4.       Glucose syrup
  5.       Sugar
  6.       Vegetable fibre
  7.       Olive oil
  8.       Whole milk powder
  9.       Emulsifiers such as natural vanilla, SOY lecithin and more of cocoa.

While cocoa takes as much as 54% of the total share in the contents, Cuban rhum gives the perfect taste that too without actually hindering the great taste of chocolate in it. Want to know how? Then continue to read.

The Jar Of Chocolate And Rhum Spread

Given that list of food components that goes into the jar of Chocolate and Rhum Spread by Masala Monk, get to know how the rhum is prepared and why this spread is great for health.

Cuban rhum is prepared out of freshly squeezed sugarcane juice that is later boiled to form molasses and sugar. This extracted molasses is then fermented by adding water and yeast, after that the resultant liquid is stored in white oak barrels for a minimum of two years to reach the optimum taste this kind of rhum is known for.

And as low as 5% of this aged and filtered liquid is added in the entire prepared lot of Chocolate and Rhum Spread, but believe me it feels the optimum percentage is added. The taste of neither of the two major flavours is diminished. I would rather say that there is a sweet and perfect blend of the two that can be felt with every bite of its consumption.

As you must have understood by now, all of the ingredients that are used in preparing the best of spreads are natural. This helps you come to the conclusion that the Chocolate and Rhum Spread is 100% natural product with no preservatives in it nor any hydrogenated fats.

How To Make Use Of Chocolate And Rhum Spread?

There is no shortage of recipes using the cocoa enriched and rhum topped spread but I am here to share the ones I found easy to prepare and extremely delicious.

  1.     The cold coffee: Yes, the very drink that keeps you cool and going throughout the day deserves a bit of experimentation and of course, you are going to love it.
  2.   The brownie: A brownie which is always comforting with its great taste now has some scope to get even better. Just top it up with one layer of Chocolate and Rhum Spread and you’ll know what I am talking about.
  3.   Replacement of cocoa powder: If it ever happens that you are about to prepare a dish with cocoa powder but struck by hard-luck running low on it, don’t forget you have that glass jar of Chocolate and Rhum Spread by Masala Monk in one of your kitchen shelves. Moreover, you are free to try this as a replacement of cocoa powder whenever you want to, I was just stating a piece of my story.

Nutritional Value Of Chocolate and Rhum Spread

Till now you have gathered all the information regarding the taste, the preparation and the uses or recipes of the tempting Chocolate and Rhum Spread. However, there is more with this mini jar- its nutritional value. Yes, one such spread which has been so healthy so far is going to last a little longer given its nutritional value. So for every 100 grams of this spread, you get:

  1.       Energy: 1472 kJ/ 353 kCal
  2.       Fat: 17.4 grams
  3.       Carbs: 30.2 grams
  4.       Protein: 3.5 grams
  5.       Salt: .011 grams

I’ll have to say how great that product it in almost all possible terms. The taste is just perfect, the nutritional values are taken care of and yes it is easily made available at your doorstep. All you got to do is place an order and the 300 grams of the freshly prepared glass jar is yours.


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