Masala Monk’s Chunky Peanut Butter Review

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The first thing that might come into your mind that how can butter be called as healthy? Well, as a matter of fact, it is healthy given that the person consuming is looking forward to gaining some energy and protein without adding any fat to their body. And yes, since the name suggests that we are talking about peanut butter, it is prepared using just peanuts, which are all but natural. So this means that the protein and energy that we talked about is inherited from natural products only and not any artificial ingredients.

Now wouldn’t it be great if all these actually come packed to you in jar or bottle afresh? I know the answer to that question is yes and that is why chunky peanut butter is the right choice for you. You’ll find everything that you need to know about this product in this review of mine, so continue reading.

Out of the many spreads and nut butter available, not all meet the requirement of being natural and healthy for human consumption. Yet, Chunky peanut butter leads the entire lot. It is a well-known fact for the regular consumers of the peanut butter how time saving and healthy, the food item is. Well, I can stand by that statement as peanut butter is one of my saviours during the day.

Be it the breakfast when I am running late or an evening munch for a quick bite before dinner, the peanut butter tops my list for a healthy choice. Now, talking about the healthy peanut butter out there, I have recently tried the Chunky peanut butter and here’s my review as to why you should also try this healthy and natural butter.

The Packet Is Delivered

It might seem a bit odd to add this detail to some of you, but the packaging speaks a lot of the provider. After all, a nicely packed and sealed package has more value than a damaged one. So I placed an order from the Masala Monk’s website and the package was delivered within the estimated time which was suggested at the time of placing the order. The package was carefully packed so that the glass jar containing the delicacy of the peanut butter was delivered safely. And the moment you open the jar, the aroma speaks for the richness of freshly prepared peanut butter.

The Peanut Butter Jar

The glass jar of 300 grams was given a stylish as well a cute look. It was filled with peanut butter a little less than the brim and yes, the aroma was tantalizing. So I moved towards tasting my newest purchase of chunky peanut butter.

The Taste Of Chunky Peanut Butter

peanut butterThe taste was amazing, just as I expected it to be. It has the natural sweetness of the peanuts which once again confirms that it has been prepared with natural peanuts. Not just that, the butter has a perfect consistency.

It is easy to spread on a slice of bread or to be mixed in a protein shake. Thanks to  the taste but the peanut butter blends perfectly in whichever way I chose to consume it.

What Contributes To Quality?

 There are no two opinions when the topic of quality of a food item is brought up. It has to be top-notch and this peanut butter meets that raised bar.

As it has been said, the ingredients of chunky peanut butter are peanuts only, this is verified with the first purchase of the product. The aroma, the consistency and the natural sweetness all speak in favour of the product.

This is a 100% natural product prepared using only high-quality peanuts with natural benefits only.

Features Of Chunky Peanut Butter

Since the product is prepared using only high-quality peanuts with no addition of artificial flavours or ingredients, this makes it rich with plant-based protein.

There is no addition of extra sugar to this butter. The optimum levels of natural sweetness are inherited from only peanuts.

The protein richness of chunky peanut butter is as high as 30%. Moreover, there are no fats added to your body after the consumption of it.

It is one such food item which is considered heavy and can be helpful in keeping hunger in check for longer.

Every bottle of chunky peanut butter is Keto friendly and also free from gluten. This makes it a perfectly healthy choice.

Another speciality of this item is that it is not prepared in a hurry to meet the demand but the quality is always given a priority. So, it is always prepared in small batches to make sure all of the preparation steps are given ample time as required to craft the healthy and natural chunky peanut butter.



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