What is the meaning of the “—–” in Facebook Chat

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Slang means smallest form of a word, used commonly in written example during chat on Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram or any other messanger. For example: –

OK is world, people generally used its Slang-“K”.

By the way is the word- People Generally used its slang-“btw”

Btw is also a slang of “between”.

Bcz is a slang for “Because”.

Some other most common slang and their meanings:

NBR Slang Meaning:

What does nbr stand for on facebook?
What is the meaning nbr in the chat ?

Ans: NBR stands for Number. People generally use this slang  for phone number. whatsapp number or any other contact no.

OMG slang means- Oh My God

if you are are surprised then you will use it- OMG.


No biggie slang means- No problem


Ty slang meaning-

“ty” in chat denotes the “thanks” words.

“Plz” or “Pls” meaning

“Plz” and “Pls” both are slang of Please.

“Tc” , “GM”, “GN” and “sd” slang meanings in chat

“tc” slang denotes the take care.

“Gm” denotes the “Good Morning” phrase.

“Gn” is used for “Good Night”.

“SD” denotes the “sweet dream” phrase.


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