World-famous people and their Zodiac signs

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Maria Sharapova 

Zodiac Sign – Arian

This world-famous Tennis player, who has made her mark at a very young age, is an Arian. Her nature proves that she is quite independent in nature, which is a prominent sign of an Arian. She is a very Friendly person. She is not limited to sports; she had involved herself in modeling as well in past years proves she is versatile as a true Arian Female. Challenges are what she loves and has proved herself Victorious in the face of Challenges. Her always smiling face radiates positive Energy like it is embedded in the personality of Arian.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zodiac Sign – Taureans

Mark Zuckerberg zodiac signHe is clearly a deep thinker and introverted as well, as a true Taurean. You can give as much as responsibilities to Taureans and they would gladly take it. No wonder he is the CEO of one of the biggest companies. His journey was not the best since the starting; he had to work persistently towards his Goals. One of the biggest traits of Taureans is that they are hardworking and their work puts them as someone people would look up to. Taureans are very family-oriented as well.

Marilyn Monroe

Zodiac Sign – Gemini

Marilyn Monroe zodiac signThis Vintage beauty, who was a face of almost every 50’s movies, is a Gemini. It was not just in her movies that she played a strong character but in reality too she was a strong personality. She was Versatile (like most of the Gemini), as her talent was not limited to just acting. She was a melodious Singer and a well-acclaimed Model. As a Gemini, she was a quick thinker as appeared in her interviews.  She was persistent in her goals that she made such a mark through her movies. No one can compare to her even today.

Late Princess Diana

Zodiac Sign – Cancerian

 Princess Diana zodiac signCancerians are the most motherly out of all the Zodiac Signs. No wonder why Princess Diana was one of the most loved from the Royal Family. Family comes first for a Cancerian. Princess Diana proved that to the very point. One could always see her with her sons. While making decisions she did not follow anyone but her intuitions, a true Cancerian. It is only when cancer is left alone that he brings out the best of his/her creativity. She made the best choices/decisions on her own. She did so much for the society as well, as people of this zodiac signs are very Empathetic. She had a high level of love for books and writing.

Barack Obama

Zodiac Sign – Leo

Barack Obama zodiac signThe most prominent trait of Leo is that they are the Natural Leaders. They do not need to learn it. It is just inside them. The president does not need to prove it. They are one of the most ambitious signs, and being a president is not the easiest of ambitions, Is it? He is not easily disappointed or shook by even the worst circumstances, like a true Leo, he knows he would find a way. Being one of the bravest signs, he is known for his bold and strong decisions.

Mother Teresa

Zodiac Sign – Virgo

Mother TeresaA Virgo is one of the most helpful signs. Mother Teresa was so helpful and empathetic towards the society. She was someone people would rely upon. She was very down to earth, like most Virgos who have this approach especially towards life. She was modest and had a loving Nature. She was very observant as well. Just like a true Virgo she always wanted to learn something new. She was self-disciplined and was not dependent on anyone else. She was very well organized.

Amitabh Bachchan

Zodiac Sign – Libran


Amitabh Bachchan zodiac signLiberians are the most romantic of all signs. As a Libran Man, he is graceful and urbane. The most prominent character of this sign is that they are balanced. This Icon of Bollywood has almost everything balanced out in his life. From his personal life to his professional life, everything is balanced out. Like a true Libran, he is one of the most talented actors we have in our country.

Bill Gates

Zodiac Sign – Scorpion

Bill Gates zodiac signBill gates probably aimed for the stars, which made him the richest man in the whole World. A true Scorpion is very ambitious and most of their goals are very high. In adversity, they do not know how to give up. So was the case with the richest man, he did not give up in his life when he could easily have. Their sharp and focused mind doesn’t distract them from their goals. In his interviews, at times he appears jovial but at the same time very sensible as well. He is perfect in his work which has made a difference in the world.

Brad Pitt

Zodiac Sign – Sagittarian

Brad Pitt zodiac signHe is truly an adventurous person. He actually goes out of his ways to help others and is very empathetic. He is very straightforward. He holds a key interest in varied subjects. He is very much interested in religion and philosophy as well. His talent is not limited to just acting, (like a Sagittarian) but interested in other activities as well.

Deepika Padukone

Zodiac Sign – Capricorn

Deepika Padukone zodiac signThis global star made her mark with her great cinematic presence. She is very focused on her work. She is one of the most disciplined actors from Bollywood. Her constant work has achieved her great fame not just in Bollywood but globally as well. She is truly a woman who believes in achieving her goals through constant efforts.

She is also very friendly like a true Capricorn.

Christiano Ronaldo

Zodiac Sign – Aquarian

Christiano Ronaldo zodiac signNot just a very successful, football player, he is a very intelligent man as well. He never followed the crowd but has become someone whom the world follows. The man has got a sense of humor as well.

Like a true Aquarian, he likes to please his fans. He is more creative. He has made his mark in the world through his persistent efforts.  Ronaldo holds the quality of a true aquarian.

Albert Einstein

Zodiac Sign – Piscean

Albert Einstein zodiac signThe great scientist, Albert Einstein has relied on his intuition in the true sense of the word. Though in his early years he was a bit introverted he turned out to have many friends in his adult life. The most prominent characteristic of a Piscean is that he is imaginative. We wonder who could be more imaginative than Einstein who proved to be a boon to this world.

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