World Wish Day for Children : 29th April – Make it Very Special for Every Child

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International world wish dayChildren enjoy getting gifts from their elders and when it is a special day they would love to be pampered to the fullest. When it is the celebration of a special day like world wish day the types of gifts and surprises are varied and special. World wish day is celebrated on the 29th of April and not only normal people but even the international organizations celebrate it

  • Where the saga started

This all started in 1980 when a 7 year old Leukaemia patient expressed his wish to become a policeman. This was granted by the police authorities and on this day he was made to work with the police. Ever since that event, this day has been named and celebrated as world wish day by Make A Wish Foundation. From that time onwards nearly 48 countries celebrate this day by granting wishes for the ailing children and also send gifts. India is one of the participants of this tradition and here, a large number of organizations celebrate this day.

  • The best gift, flowers

We can however also celebrate it in our own way and if we want to fulfil a wish for someone we can start their day with a smile and send flowers to them. We can personally go and visit the sick children and spend this day with them fulfilling some of their everyday needs or with an awesome treat. One of the best gifts that we can afford to give them is a bunch of lovely and  bright flowers which will make their lovely faces happier and will also begin their day in the best way possible.

  • Availability of flowers online

There might be times when we will not be able to personally go and choose their gift or send them flowers. It is during these times that, we feel privileged to sit at our work place and opt for flower delivery online. We can log into the website and choose the flowers accordingly and just provide the place of delivery with a correct time and then relax. The concerned team will take up the entire ownership and do everything by themselves and deliver the flowers on time bringing wide smiles on the face of both the parties.

  • Stationary to lift up the mood

Other than this we can donate our clothes that we do not use anymore and also stationary that is not in our use and provide it for the use of people who wish to have the basic necessities or who wish to write on books and copies of their own. There are meritorious students who are unable to study properly because of the lack of books and copies. So, if we help them with some stationary, these people will be able to study in a better manner.

  • Huge initiatives by large organization

We can also arrange for monetary provisions so that the last wishes of ailing children can be met and organizations like Make A Wish Foundation does not have to face problems in fulfilling the needs of a sick child. Most of the times when small children express the wish to meet a celebrity or visit a certain place, the organization goes out of their way to fulfil the needs of the needy child by convincing the celebrities and requesting their help. Nearly all the celebrities never refuse to help these children and they endorse the initiative of  Make A Wish Foundation so that people are more aware of it and they donate more towards it.

Thus the world wish day is on its way to gain more popularity with our sensitivity, kindness and awareness we can make this day very memorable and important for the less fortunate ones.


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