Wondering How To Track Flights? Here Are 8 Easy Ways To Do So!

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Air travel is one of the popular forms of travel in the world and one that travelers prefer the most. But have you ever wondered how to track flights just so you could avoid serpentine check-in queues at the airport and the traffic you need to cross to reach it? Plenty of travelers are constantly checking flight statuses on Google flight tracker and other apps as well as websites for this very reason. However, there are more ways to tracking flight real time.

How to track flights easily:

Most people already know how to book cheap flights but struggle with how to track them. You can check flight tracker Delta or flight tracker American Airlines flights via the official websites of the airlines easily. But that need not be the only way to check flight view status. There are several real time flight tracker apps that will help you do the same whether you wish to track last minute flights or ones you’ve booked in advance. Mentioned below are a few of them you can use the next time you book flights.

  1. Flight Aware

This is the first app you should know about if you wish to know how to track flights. Flight Aware can be used to track flights using flight number, airline name, and origin/destination point. That’s not all. There’s an animated map of real time flight activity that you can use to check airline arrival/departure activity as well as be able to see what different fleet operators are up to. Track your flight, airport status, and any other air travel information you want using this amazing app available in destinations across Europe, North America, and Oceania.

  1. Flight View

This is another awesome flight tracker app you can use to track your flight status. You can track flights via Flight View by using flight number, airline code, and city name. Apart from live, in-flight information, you’ll be able to get some flight departure statuses as well from every major US and Canada Airport. Apart from checking Economy or Business class flight statuses, you also have the option of checking the parking, weather, and other such details of the airport you are arriving in or departing from.

  1. GateGuru

Owned by TripAdvisor, GateGuru is one of the best apps you can use if you wish to know how to track flights. Not only does it offer flight information but it also lets you know details such as airport weather status, check-in lines, security wait time, car rentals, and airport restaurant reviews among other things. The app is available for free on both Android and iOS devices and you cannot go wrong using it.

  1. Flight Arrivals

This is one of the best flight tracker apps used widely by many travelers. It allows you to track both commercial as well as general flight information. You can also find out about flight delays, flights arriving at a particular airport, airport delays, airport maps, flights between more than one or two airports, airline information, seat maps, and other flight-related information or statistics. Flight tracking simply cannot get better or easier than this!

  1. Flight Board

Emulating the design of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, this is one of the best apps to have if you wish to know how to track flights. The app is loaded on information of over 1400 airlines and 16,000 airports worldwide. Get minute-by-minute flight status updates, arrival and departure times, and any details you could possibly want. There is a paid as well as free version of the app that can be used on Android and iOS devices.

  1. Flight Radar24

What could be better than a website which permits you to watch live air traffic! All you need to do to find out how to track flights is to click on one of the small aircraft icons. You’ll be able to get real time updates on origin point, altitude, destination, speed, call signs, and airline among other things. So the next time you book cheap international air tickets, you can track your flight using this incredible app.

  1. Flight Stats

Flight Stats lets you track flights from all over the world in real time answering your query of how to track flights. You’ll be able to get details on random flights as well in addition to the booked ones in real time. The site is an incredibly useful one offering weather radar, customized maps, and airport information among other things. So you can conveniently get whatever flight information you want by using just this one flight tracker app.

  1. TripIt

The reason TripIt is so popular is that it’s more than just a flight tracker. In addition to tracking your cheap flights, TripIt will organize your entire trip for you. TripIt allows you to track your airplane, tells you which type it is, and the distance covered among other details. The app is a free one and once you sign up, all you need to do is upload your travel and trip details. It will then organize everything into a neat itinerary for you. There will be a clearer picture of flight information, hotel room booking, car rental, and tours among other things.


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