Simple Yoga Poses you can Practise for Relaxation

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Have you observed certain health issues arising in your body due to the sedantry lifestyle?

Have you ever thought of giving some space to yoga in your day to day life to keep your body calm and stress-free?

Yoga is the perfect way to change your lifestyle to get a relaxed mind and body. A calm mind and body must be the essential goal of life eventually to stay healthy and fit.

Try these simple yoga poses on a daily basis to introduce relaxation in your life:

1. Leg up the Wall

Try to move your legs up straight against the wall to make an angle of 90 degrees with the rest of your body. Do not bend your knees while moving your legs up. Aim to stay in this position of at least five breaths. And then gradually bring down your legs without any stress.

2. The Cat Pose Yoga

Touch your knees and palm on the ground with breath in. Now while breathing out, give an arc to your back and push your belly towards your spine. Your hands should firmly touch the ground without bending the elbows while practising this technique.

3. The Cow Pose Yoga

This pose of yoga is completely reciprocal of the cat pose. Keep your hands, palms and knees down touching the floor. Keep your elbows straight without any bend. Now pull your belly down towards the ground. You can switch between the cat and the cow pose on an alternate basis.

4. Downward Facing Dog Pose

Try to make ‘V’ shape by diagonally bending from the waistline downwards so your hands touch the floor without bending your knees and elbows. Try to keep your heels as much as close to your palms. Try to be in this pose for at least five breaths.

5. The Plank Pose

Touch your palms and toes on the floor without bending your knees and elbows. Try to keep your body straight in such a manner that your hips and back are aligned in the shape of the board. You can hold on this position for 5 breaths.

6. Three-Legged Dog

Make a position of Downward facing dog as mentioned above in this article. Hold this pose for three breaths and then lift up your right leg towards the back. Try to take your leg as high as you can straight without bending the knees. Hold this position for 5 breaths and repeat the same with left leg.

7. Standing Forwards Fold

Stand straight and bend from your waistline in such a manner that your torso touches your legs. Try to keep your torso much closer to your body. Hold your calves with your both hands to take support to maintain in this position for five breaths.

8. Upward Salute Yoga

Stand straight and start taking your arms up by side to join together. Try to stretch up more and more to touch the sky with your joined arms keeping your feet touch the ground.

9. Crescent Lunge

Bend down and take your right foot between your hands. Breath in, lift your torso and raise your arms straight above your head. Extend your left foot back to support your body to hold this position for few breaths and then breath out. you can repeat the same pose with your left leg as well.


The above yoga poses will surely help you relax your body and mind so you never feel burnout whether you spend your time with your family or in the workplace with your colleagues. However, Remember, if, at any time, the wrong practise of these yoga poses can tend to increase your health complications. So it is recommended to look for appropriate guidance from workplace yoga session providers without further delay.


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