The Amazing Matsyasana: The Ultimate posture for Back ache and Thyroid problems

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Yogendra Matsyasana; the fish pose  The way of folding the legs in Matsyasana resembles the tail of a fish while the rest of the body represents its body and head. It also enables one to float in water.

Starting position: Sit in Padmasana, Ardhpadmasana or Sukhasana, keeping the spine erect, shoulders and head firm yet relaxed. Maintain focus on the purpose of the Asana while maintaining body awareness.

The Sequence of Steps:

  1. Gently recline backwards, supporting the body with arms and elbows, to lie flat on the back.
  2. Now, draw the hands from the sides under the head, bending the hands at the elbow.
  3. Clasp the opposite elbows and let the hands rest on the mat, under the head. Eyes can be kept open or closed, as per individual comfort.
  4. Maintain this position, breathing rhythmically for 1-2 minutes (final position).
  5. Posture release: slowly unclasp the hands and bring them back to the sides. Gently come back to the starting position, taking support of the hands.

Matsyasan - fish pose by raveena tandon

Recommended Practice:

  1. Practice for 1-2 minutes/session.
  2. Beginners can attain the final position by first lying supine and then folding the legs as in Sukhasana, Ardhpadmasana or Padmasana.

Limitations / Contraindications: Severe Arthritis.

Benefits of doing Yogendra Matsyasana (Fish pose) are many:

  1. Stretching of abdominal and chest muscles, massages the respective organs and improves the blood circulation in the area.
  2. Regulates the function of thyroid and thymus gland which improves the metabolic and immune system.
  3. Strengthens and tones up the pelvic floor.
  4. Maintains the health of reproductive organs and glands by improving the blood circulation in the area. Relief from premenstrual syndrome.
  5. Helps in relieving abdominal ailments e.g. constipation, inflamed and bleeding piles.
  6. Helps in relieving disorders of pelvic organs, specially the reproductive organs
  7. Reduces the occurrence of vaginal prolapse and stress incontinence of urine.
  8. Encourages deep respiration hence beneficial for respiratory disorders.
  9. Promotes a sense of well-being, calmness.
  10. The mind and body are relaxed.



Avoid in case of knee injury, severe neck or back ache.

Usually in classes, the legs are kept straight (rather than Padmasana). Thus, ensuring the shoulders and neck is relaxed post inversions. But, practicing the whole posture is healthy for the spine, hips, shoulders and neck. 

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self and to the self.

Yoga takes you to the present moment, the only place where life exits

The Ultimate power of ‘AUM or OM’

The chanting of ‘AUM’ focuses the mind and allows us to concentrate on breathing. Singing AUM lengthens our inhalations and exhalations. The vibration of AUM within our body breaks up toxins and stimulates our cells with yoga.

The ‘AUM’ is the first to be used in several is said to seed the vibration of all creation and is the very first sound in the entire universe. It connects us to the base vibrations. When we all sit together and breathe deeply, we slowly connect to something bigger than ourselves.

The chanting of AUM has a calming effect on the body and mind, the heartbeat and breath begins to slow down and the peacefulness starts to grow its seed. The word ‘AUM’ is both a visual symbol and a sacred sound which heals through speaking or listening itself. The syllable OM is composed of three sound- ‘A’, ‘U’, ‘M’ – AUM.

‘A’ (PRONOUNCED AS ELONGATED AWE) represents the beginning of the universe and everything within it. It has been described as symbolising the’ conscious or waking state’. In Hindu tradition, this sound is associated with BRAHMA- THE CREATOR. The sound originates from the belly, backbone and vibrates in the upper chest.

The sound ‘U’ (A PROLONGED ‘OOOO’ SOUND) signifies the steadiness that carries us along and the energy that preserves sustains us and the world. In Hindu traditions, it is associated with LORD VISHNU- THE PRESERVER.

The ‘M’ (THE PROLONGED ‘MMMM’) characterizes the sound of closing in and the beginning of the end. In Hindu traditions, it is associated with LORD SHIVA- THE ULTIMATE YOGI. In the yogic culture, Shiva is not known as a god, but as the “Adiyogi” or the “first yogi” – the originator of yoga. He was the one who first put this seed into the human mind. According to the yogic lore, over fifteen thousand years ago, Shiva attained to his full enlightenment and abandoned himself in an intense ecstatic dance upon the Himalayas

The Sound of silence: There is also a fourth sound- SILENCE. The residue we are left with once the breath and sound fades away.

‘OM’ or ‘AUM’ represents the fact that everything constantly changes- from the movement into stillness, from sound into silence and the endless cycle of life.

Yoga ignites the power from within. The power that has nothing to do with what you say, what you do or what you look like or skills you have, talents or what you have. It is the power of your presence. It is the heat and light from your burning log, it touches everyone who comes in contact with. We all have the power to create our life. The key is finding the tool that enables us to make choices from the bottom of our soul.


The rule of life is to change

Accept the change

Accept the reality

Work to change the future and your time will change

Upgrade your thoughts and your life will touch new horizons of success.

Raveena tandonOnce A yogi will remain a Yogi forever

Yoga is a way of life

Yoga is connecting with the divine world

Yoga is the best way to attain harmony in body and mind

Connection with yoga means connecting with your own soul

Yoga means union with God


Raveena Tandon

(Facilitator, Table-Tennis Player and Yoga Practitioner)



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