Top Pediatric Dental Clinics Associated with AAPD

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AAPD or American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry was established in 1947 to provide guidance to over 7,500 members. In the past, many dentists completed their education but sometimes, they neglected their Hypocrites Oath. They did not pay attention to details of the symptoms and on many occasions administered wrong treatments.

So a group of dentists thought of making an organization that would keep a check on all pediatric dentists and Dental Clinics guide them about new techniques and introduce them to the latest technologies for better treatment. The board is authorized to cancel the certification of a dentist if he/ she are negligent in performing their duties. AAPD follows strict rules to maintain the quality of services that the patient needs. It also supervises over different pediatric dental groups in various cities.

AAPD Associated Pediatric Dental Clinics:

Many pediatric dental clinics are available today, and you can find many associated with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Here are a few that are recommended if your child is suffering from any dental problem.

Pediatric Dentist Tulsa:

Dr. Grant Gerety opened a pediatric dental clinic in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma to focus on dental care of children especially the infants. It emphasized that the infant’s mouth should be cleaned as soon as the teeth start to appear from the gums. Another important aspect that Pediatric Dentist Tulsa insists is to educate people about the importance of oral care in children. It guides parents on how to prevent simple dental problems and what to do in emergencies.

Thomas Moore & Pediatric Dentistry:

This dental clinic is located in the city of Mobile, Alabama. This clinic established the term “Dental Home” so that when your child turns one, a healthy oral environment is provided to him/ her. The dentists do not use the words shot, needle, and drill, hurt or other similar words, rather they use terms in front of children to send a positive vibe to them. The clinic also has motivational charts to keep a track of oral hygiene. Other worksheets can be used to keep the child busy in different activities, to distract from the bad habits that can affect dental health.

My Tooth Story:

AAPD associated clinic My Tooth Story is situated in the city of Columbia, Maryland. The experienced and friendly staff are also members of the Columbia Community. The clinic has introduced unique and different technologies for treatment and diagnosis, which include; Air Abrasion Technology, CAD/CAM Same-day Crown Fabrication, Anesthesia Wand, Dental Implants, Cone Beam CT Imaging, Digital Dental Impressions, Intra-Oral Camera, Digital X-Rays and Laser Diagnosis and Treatment. You can pay your bills through insurance plans.

Dentistry 4 Children:

In the heart of the capital, Washington is a clinic that has its focus on preventing dental problems by the formula “treat & teach”. The dentist themselves are parents, so they are aware of the problems that are the main concern for parents, regarding their children’s oral health. The clinic provides services like; Fluoride Treatments, Digital X-Rays, Dental Sealants, Oral Health Exams Dental Cleaning, Dental Crowns, Dental Fillings, Pulpotomies /Root Canals on primary teeth and Emergency Care.

Southbury Pediatric Dentist:

As the name suggests it is situated in Southbury, Connecticut. The doctors here have different activities for the patients to show how much important their smile is, and especially a healthy one. Smile Spot Events, Flossing Chart Program, Binky and Thumb Club, are to name a few. The loving staff makes it a point to provide the best in an affordable fee.

 Valley Pediatric Dentists:

This pediatric dental clinic has two offices one in Phoenix and Mesa both in Arizona. Both the clinics are well equipped with dental facilities as well as to keep the children busy while they wait for their turn. There are lots of topics that the doctors in this clinic focus on, their patient range from infants to adolescence.

Children’s Dental Village:

Children’s Dental Village is located in Tempe. The clinic provides the option of cosmetic dentistry for children. It also deals with children that need special attention. The dentists are well trained to handle children with problems like autism, sensory integration concerns, aversion to loud noises and sounds, as well as vision or hearing impairments. A psychologist helps to supervise the treatment.

Kid’s Dental Tree:

It is important to take care of your kid’s teeth, especially in winter. The Kid’s Dental Tree in Anchorage, Alaska makes sure that your children get the best oral treatments. They focus on post-operative care by; choosing the appropriate sealants, anesthesia, crowns, fillings and other operating equipment.

Kid’s Adventure Dental:

This clinic has unique ways to make people aware of the importance of oral hygiene. It organizes events according to the seasonal holidays in the city of Saint Clarita. The dentists focus on the athletes and their dental problems. The office has all the elements that attract the attention of children and make them comfortable.

In whatever city you live, finding a pediatric dentist is not difficult. The clinics mentioned above are just a few.  You can find more clinics that are associated with AAPD or American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry on various websites.


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