5 Myths and Facts That Hover Around Breast Lift

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There’s no denying that the number of breast surgeries for the past few years is increasing. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the numbers experienced an increase from the year 1997 to 2014, and the figures keep rolling up. It is always a wise choice for patients to understand and learn about the plastic surgery they are considering, since there’s so much information you can find, for most people it can be a challenge to decipher the medical information and jargon they come across.

Yes, when it comes to cosmetic surgeries like a breast lift, there’s so much misleading information that people spread. To set the record straight, you need to understand that most of the myths you hear are not true. You need to learn more about them and understand the differences between myths and facts.

There may be several reasons why you are considering opting for the breast lift surgery. Over time, breasts have the tendency to sag because of genetics, aging, pregnancy, smoking, menopause, weight fluctuations, and several other factors. Even though you hear that exercising could give similar results like a breast lift, better placement could give you the best results. You will find it surprising that so many women are still able to breastfeed after their surgery.

What is Mastopexy?

Before we go into the myths, you should know that mastopexy is a surgical procedure in which the breasts go through proper shaping to get rid of all the excess tissue. Surgeons (often board-certified ones, such as those at Crispin Plastic Surgery) tighten the surrounding tissues of the breast to give it the best contour. Surgeons use three different incisions for mastopexy. Go through the myths and facts below, which should help you to make a well-informed decision for a successful operation.

Myth #1- Exercise Is the Key to Prevent Mastopexy

Fact- The fact is that exercising helps to improve the muscles that are beneath the breasts. This would not affect the placement of the breasts, and only a surgical breast lift would have an effect on the sagging amount. Some people also say that exercises are responsible for breasts sagging. However, you should know that exercises like skipping, running, jogging are all advantageous and they have no link to affecting the size and shape of the breasts. Rather, they all work to give the breasts a better look.

Myth #2- Chest Exercises Prevent Sagging

Fact- Although it is a healthy choice to build up the chest’s pectoral muscles, this will not have an effect on the breast position. As days pass by, breasts tend to sag a lot more because of sagging; weight fluctuations, heredity, and aging, but all these factors have an effect on the breast skin and not the muscles. To lift the muscles effectively, the best approach is through a surgical breast lift, where the surgeon would remove all the excess skin and give the breasts a better position.

Myth #3- Breast Lift and Scars Go Hand in Hand

Fact- Sure, no one likes the large scars that set on the skin. Rather than improving the appearance of your skin, they only make it look worse. It is very unfortunate but if this happens, many women feel self-conscious about their body and the breast lift should lift the results not make it look worse. The good thing is breast lift surgery requires minimal incisions that surgeons create in the creases of the breast, so this hides them without looking obvious. During your initial consultation, an experienced surgeon should be able to guide you on how they plan to make the incisions to hide it.

Myth #4- The Results of a Breast Lift Surgery is Permanent

Fact-Although a breast lift surgery would produce the longest possible results, lasting over ten years with proper care, your breasts are still prone to the effects of aging. Gravity and aging, regardless, of whether you have a lift surgery or not, will continue to affect your breasts. In addition, other factors like pregnancies, breastfeeding, and fluctuations in weight may alter the results of your breast lift surgery.

Myth #5- For a Breast Lift Surgery, You Must Have a Certain Size

Fact- You should know that that if you are in good health, stay away from smoking, and other bad habits, keep a sensible expectation for the results, then you are a suitable candidate for the surgery. The fact is that when you opt for the breast lift surgery, there is no particular size range for the lift, and regardless of your breast size; you can opt for the breast lift in Atlanta. The only difference is that women with very large breasts will not be able to see sudden or noticeable changes compared to those women with smaller boobs, because of an increase in their weight.

For the best results, you need to consult an experienced surgeon, who would be able to clear all your doubts and offer the best surgery with noticeable results. Research well, and make the best choice that’s suitable for you.

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