Complete Guide for selecting Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

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Dental Bridges is just like a boon for the people who have lost their teeth because of an accident or any other reason. Saying would not be wrong that we should be grateful to the new age science. It is called dental bridges since it bridges the gap generated by one or more missing teeth. This bridge is prepared up of two or more crowns for the teeth. The false tooth/teeth are established in between it and the false teeth are called pontics.

Why we need this to restore teeth!

Great Look – Gone are the days when many people have to avoid the situation where they have to laugh because of missing tooth/teeth. With the new age of science, this problem has gone away. Now, you are allowed to smile as you can gain your great look once again. It does not only fill the space of the missing tooth but add glam to your face too.

Not Removable – No need to think that how you will clean it since it gets fixed in your mouth. You will not feel any sorts of hassles using this. There is no need to take it out to clean it. But it is very essential that you need to look after it and follow some special tips to take care of it.

Maintains the Shape Of your face – Without having particular tooth/teeth, the shape of your face also gets affected. It does not look, as it was earlier. But a dental bridge helps a lot to maintain the lost shape of the face.

To Speak Fluently – With the missing tooth/teeth, sometimes it becomes tough to speak without a fumble. In this connection, bridges help you to speak fluently.

Long Lasting – As per a study, it remains long lasting. It means they are durable and predictable Too.

Gets Used To Within No Time – If you are thinking that you may feel strange after getting installed it then you are a bit wrong. Bridges take very little time to get adjusted. You would not experience an unpleasant situation after installing it.

Chewing Comfort – The great thing is that it serves you great comfort since all chewing forces are passed to the abutment teeth instead of the gums underneath.

To Get Smile Back – It is one of the biggest benefits of dental bridge that you can get your smile back. There are many people who always avoid smile openly as it does not look good without having tooth/teeth. But now they can smile once with the natural of the solutions are available in the form of a bridge.


Category of dental bridges

Traditional bridges- This involves innovating a crown for the tooth or missing teeth side of an implant with pontic in between. Conventional bridges are the familiar one made of either porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.

Maryland bonded bridges-This is otherwise known as resin-bonded bridge or a Maryland bridge, it can be made of porcelain, porcelain amalgamated to metal or plastic teeth and gums hold up by a metal or porcelain construction. Metal or porcelain wings often on just one side of the bridge are an attachment to your existing teeth

Cantilever bridges- This one are brought into play when there are adjoining teeth on only one face of the not there tooth or teeth.  This kind of bridges is not a common one and is not suggested in the back of the mouth where it can put too much force on other teeth and smash up them.


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