Eye Problem for New Born – Eyelashes

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No doubt, eyes are one of the most sensitive parts in our body. Eye problem is a common issue for new born ones. If it’s your first child definitely you think its a major issue, but it’s not a major problem. But if you don’t care about it it can be later a major problem. You can ask your child doctor about it, he/she generally suggest you an eye drop medicine for it like – Tera Dox, Obra Eye Ointment. Eye problem in infants is due to bacterial infection passing through birth canal.

What to do if eyelashes stick in waste ( Yellow discharge) after dropping medicine or sleeping:

Just do following things:

  1.  Take some clean water.
  2. Put some cotton in to the water and then and squeeze it.
  3. Lightly message eye corner and eyelashes with this cotton.
  4. Don’t use this cotton twice on the same eyelash. Use different cotton each time and don’t put it back in the same water.
  5. Don’t make pressure on eyeball during this process.
  6. Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe the wetness near the eyes.

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