Home Remedies for Insect Bites You Should Know

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Insect bites are very dangerous for our health which can cause bad complications and sometimes threaten the life. When attacked by insects, we will have different treatments depending on the extent of the injury. Below are home remedies for insect bites that you should know.

Take out the venom immediately

In most insect bite cases, there are only mild reactions such as itching, red swelling and will self-heal for several hours with leaving sequelae. For bites having a diffuse reaction with a reddening halo, itching, and soreness, you need to clean the area of insect bites. If the venom is still in the skin, gently remove it because it will produce more toxic substances. If insects are clinging, you can use a burning incense stick or cigarette to take them away. You can also drop a small alcohol, gasoline or hot oil drop into them.

Besides medicine, you can easily treat insect bites by home remedies which are available in your house:


There is no doubt that the onion is good for our health. The onion contains quercetin, a powerful antioxidant which protects the blood vessels and prevents the skin aging. The onion can also cure many diseases such as colds, earache, itching, and scars.  As soon as you see an insect bite, cut an onion and press firmly on the bite area to rinse then rub the skin around. This treatment relieves itching and especially when you use fresh onions.  It is very effective with the bite of beeswax, ants, and spiders.


Milk can soothe burns, especially when your skin is irritated by sunburn without sun cream.  Milk also helps to treat the insect bites. What you need to do is to mix some milk powder with water and one pinch of salt. Apply this mixture to the burn or bite. Enzymes in milk help neutralize insect venom and provide treatments for burns caused by sunburn. Fresh milk and yogurt also have similar effects.


Salt is an excellent natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent to treat mosquito nodules and bites. Soaking the bite in salt water, then applying a layer of lard or vegetable oil will help you feel better.

Orange and lemon peels

Some people find it difficult to get used to the smell of onion on the skin, so you can try another method to fight insects by using the orange peel or lemon peel. This scent will push the mosquitoes away.


The main task of toothpaste is to clean and protect the teeth. In addition, it can be used to treat the insect bites. The mint in toothpaste can reduces rapidly inflammation and soothes the itch sensation immediately. Just apply a small amount of toothpaste on the bite and wait for it to dry.


Lemon has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat skin diseases including insect bites. The methods you can use lemon to treat insect bites for children and infants:

Method 1: Prepare the lemon and cut it into two parts. Apply on the skin to reduce itching. You can also rub the lemon peel on your skin.

Method 2: Squeeze little lemon juice into the bite to reduce infection and swelling on the skin.

Method 3: Mix lemon juice with a little ground cinnamon and ground into affected areas.

Apple vinegar

There is a legend in the US military that drinking 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar every day will help keep mosquitoes and ticks away from you. But if you do not tolerate the sour taste of vinegar you can use another way: apply apple cider vinegar directly to the bite. Acidity in vinegar removes itching, restores skin and helps balance the natural pH. Vinegar usually works the same way but apple cider vinegar is less sour and smells more pleasant.

With these home remedies, you can easily treat insect bites without using medicine and can save time and money.

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