How to Strengthen Muscles at Home

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For muscles to grow and the body is toned, it is necessary to incorporate weights to training, again, if you train at home, do not require the expensive equipment of a gym, you can only use what you have at hand at homes, such as water bottles, small and larger to gain weight, food packages, such as a bag of grain or flour, this can be increased as a constant training is carried out.

In most of the exercises developed in gymnastics for bodybuilders, the muscles are able to lower more weight, which can rise, then while your muscles are in that moment of flexion-extension, you can make a variation to tone and increase the growth of the muscle fiber and with it the muscles worked.

When it comes to working your muscles you don’t just need to go to a gym to get results, training at home can also do it. The benefits of training at home are numerous. All you need to know is which training routine you should apply and follow it day after day. Effort and perseverance are the main keys to achieving your goals.

There are two types of muscle contraction:
When the muscle contracts it shortens, just like when you take a homemade pestle with a plastic bottle and fill it with pebbles and sand. You take the weight and raise it, this type of muscle contraction is called concentric.

Then we have the counterpart, the muscle lengthens when it contracts, it occurs in other types of muscles, or in the same muscle but in another movement. With the same pessary, the low, when lowering the weight, the muscle lengthens, it is no longer concentric contraction, but eccentric contraction.

This happens when the excess muscle lengthens due to gravity, a force must be exerted that holds and stops the fall, and in this way, a microstructure of the muscle fibers is generated, something like a “microtrauma or microtears” occurs a tear at the microscopic level, total, in the muscle fibers, when executing that movement, it is like a hand brake, when a hand brake is applied, that brake, no matter how small the braking, always screams the brake.

Well, here always shrieks the muscle. Then, a repair process begins, where it is called circulation, and where it is indicated that this fiber, of that size and thickness … does not work. Is it indicated to you ??? To the brain! it is an action-reaction mechanism.

We are already understanding, then that mistreatment, that generalized pain, those laces that I feel after training, what are they? They are a consequence of the reflex action of the eccentric contraction, which is taking out muscles.

That is why, when you do your exercises without knowing it, you are executing movements that stimulate both contractions, if you are not careful and careful, instead of training you can transform your training into a session of total pain, which will then prevent you from executing another movement with ease.

For that reason, it is advisable that it be at home or wherever you start your exercise routine, starting gradually … gradually, so that the body makes a good balance between both contractions.

In this particular case, if you already did the exercise and the pain was left, the recommendation is, immediately afterward, a good ball with hot water, take a sponge and strongly massage the muscles. When leaving, smear cream analgesic type or via vox. If you are allowed and the training was very strong, take an oral analgesic, type ibuprofen or ketoprofen. And if the next day the discomfort persists, there is no better thing than the suckers and moxa, techniques of Chinese medicine, that will take away that pain in 2 × 3.
General Description
Duration: 4 weeks
Training days per week: 3
Material: Exercises with body weight
Objectives: To gain muscle strength, lose weight and define muscle mass.
Difficulty level: Low-intermediate
This home muscle building training revolves around the following training structure:

A first warm-up stage, which will raise our body temperature. The idea is to improve our physical performance, and prevent us from hurting ourselves during training.
Cardiovascular exercises designed to gain strength, depth and lose weight. It is a combination of plyometric exercises, abdominal work and cardiovascular movements of different kinds.
Finally, we will perform stretching to help us improve our muscle recovery and elasticity.
The training rhythm is very high. The important thing is that we try to maintain it based on our abilities, giving the best of us. If we want to lose fat, and improve our cardiovascular endurance, we must push our own, forcing them to give everything.
It is important that in addition to these physical exercises, it is also important that you perform other cardiovascular exercises that allow you to work the rest of the body, such as running, swimming, cycling, etc. These exercises not only allow you to get results faster, but also allow you to maintain good health.

The realization of exercises you have to complement it in the best way with a good healthy diet and as balanced as possible. You have to start avoiding the consumption of foods that have a high percentage of fat such as fried foods, you can consume it but in a very limited way and in very small portions.

Within your diet, foods that have a high fiber content have to have a special presence, since they allow for better and faster strengthening of the muscles of the chest area and of the whole body in general. In addition, fiber allows the metabolism to be better stimulated so that a greater amount of fat can be burned naturally. Among the most recommended foods are oats, legumes, cereals, fruits, etc.

Most people are always looking for excuses to avoid exercise, talk about the lack of time to go to a gym, lack of money, among others, but the truth is that there are several incredible exercises that can be done comfortably at home, that in addition to helping you lose weight in 2 weeks, also helps you stay in shape and develop muscles.


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