How Will Artificial Intelligence Change HealthCare?

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, deep learning, cloud technology – These are the recent hot topics in town. Let us focus on Artificial Intelligence in this article. This technology has brought about many changes in all sectors of human life, even the industries. Do you remember Siri, the virtual assistant? It is courtesy, AI. While AI is making revolutionary changes in many sectors, healthcare always maintained a far distance. But, now AI has even stepped into this sector. In this article of how artificial intelligence change healthcare will – you will be given valuable information on the changes.

AI experts foresee that this new technology is going to be the next transformational force. Let us imagine a situation. If you become ill, the doctor suggests going to a diagnostic center to get the results done for so many tests. Now, in the diagnostic center, for every test, there are human assistants. If it gets replaced by AI, then you can see numerous opportunities, don’t you?

Changes in Other Sectors

The trend of payment structures have changed. Now it is done online. So, why cannot healthcare also take a point from this industry? It has. Now, a physician expert in another country can view the reports and suggest the best treatment via virtual method.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Healthcare?

Imagine the large amount of data piled up in hospitals in store rooms. Now, if data has to be retrieved, a store assistant has to go and then search for the report. But in case of AI implementation, it can not only search the report, but also can give valuable inputs. Moreover, it is precise in its analysis and decision making. So, a physician can suggest the best method of treatment based on patient outcome results, treatment methods, care processes and diagnostic reports.

  1.       1. AI platforms : There are some who suffer from neurological diseases. Their brain functions in a proper way, but not their body parts. So, they do their daily work with special design instruments which converts their body movements into speech. But with AI implementation, they can contribute more and express themselves by means of hand gestures or other methods. This method can prove beneficial for patients with paralysis strokes or with spinal cord injuries.
  2. Radiology Tools: The images obtained by CT scanners, MRI machines, X-rays offer visibility into the inner organs of the human body. However, there are still some diagnostic processes which rely on biopsies by physical tissue samples. It could result in infection. Artificial intelligence will design the next type of radiology tools that can give the best accurate information. There will be no need for biopsies. But there needs to be co-ordination in a team comprising of radiologist, pathologist and the surgeon. When the alignment comes, then there will be total elimination of biopsies.
  1. Underdeveloped Regions: There are certain regions which are underdeveloped and there is less medical treatment facility for them. And top physicians face shortage of time in attending to these regions. However, AI can bring assistance. Imagine a particular region has shortage of medical physicians. But it has diagnostic centers where scanning instruments are present. An AI can take reports of various scans and present them to a top physician in another corner of the world. Then a patient can get the best treatment for his/her problem. But yes, the challenge exists. The AI design needs to get done based on the physiology and environmental factors for a certain region.
  1. Electronic Health Records: Yes, when electronic health records came, the medical store assistants heaved a sigh of relief. They need not go to the dark store room and pull out the records. But now, the same digital record faces problems of documentation (continous), overload and endless volume of data. Instead of typing more data, a digital assistance can use virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri. And instead of going through various folders to retrieve a document, commands can be given to extract the document.
  1. Spreading of Diseases: When malaria was rampant some decades ago, DDT was used to kill the mosquitoes. But now the mosquitoes have become resistant to DDT. An AI can be used to make analytics on resistance of pests to common methods. The final result can bring forward the weakness, which the medical field can work on to build a strong drug.
  2. AI In Identification Of Diseases: Can AI help in identifying diseases? It is the future of medical science. Many a time, a treatment goes wrong because of the analysis of data. AI can, with perfection, look into the records and give accurate analysis of the disease.


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