Is it good to eat only fruit or yogurt?

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We show you why eating fruit or yogurt is a good option and the result of combining both foods.

It is quite common, especially among the adult population, to have only one fruit or yogurt for dinner. Some people wonder if this option is good or if instead, it would be better to make a more consistent or abundant dinner.

In sedentary people who do not have a high caloric expenditure, this option is quite interesting. First, it is a light dinner from a caloric point of view that will help weight control. On the other hand, it has a correct contribution of antioxidants, although the best option would be to combine both foods.

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Macronutrients and antioxidants

Yogurt is a food that provides fat, protein, and probiotics. The latter is essential for the maintenance of a correct intestinal microbiota. The microbiota is involved in digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties and has to do with the prevention of complex diseases. It is also closely related to mood.

On the other hand, the fruit has a contribution of carbohydrates – although mostly simple sugars -, fiber and antioxidants. Fiber is essential for proper gastrointestinal health since it has a preventive effect on colon cancer.

Antioxidants have an anti-inflammatory effect and fight against the formation of free radicals preventing aging. A contribution of these nutrients daily is essential for the functioning of the body.

The best option is to combine both foods for dinner. It can even be positive to add a spoonful of some kind of seeds to boost the antioxidant load and mono and polyunsaturated fats.

You just have to be careful about choosing fruits that are not excessively rich in carbohydrates such as bananas or dates. In such situations, fiber-rich fruits such as apple or pear are an excellent option. In the case of suffering from fluid retention, you can opt for the pineapple to take advantage of its diuretic properties.

Fasting as an option

Another interesting option for light dinners is not dinner. Fasting has benefits on body composition and the decrease of markers associated with diseases such as glucose and insulin.

Thus, performing at least 2 to 3 fasts a week is a beneficial practice for almost any individual. Fasting can be done by eliminating breakfast or skipping dinner. It is even possible to fast a full day once or twice a week.

Other interesting dinners

In the case of individuals who suffer more appetite in the night hours, it may be that the fruit or yogurt does not reach as the only intake. In this case, the best option is to include a more protein option, with a small amount of fat that acts as a digestion retardant.

It is also a good idea to also introduce another type of vegetables that add volume to the dish, but with low caloric density. In this type of situation, eating meat, eggs or grilled fish accompanied by vegetables or salads is usually the best option. We suggest you try the list of 50 foods that are super healthy. This list includes very delicious and healthy fruits.

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Lately, protein substitutes for meat have become quite fashionable. They are also perfectly valid to include in dinners. Tofu or seitan can be added to many preparations and accept different vegetables. The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid a large intake of carbohydrates at this time of day if no previous physical activity has been performed.

Conclusion on dinners based on fruit or yogurt

Both yogurt and fruit are interesting foods for dinner. Despite this, the combination of both is more positive than their consumption separately. In the case of sedentary people or looking for a weight loss this is a dinner option to consider.

Do not forget that fasting can also be an excellent idea when it comes to improving body composition. It offers positive results on weight loss and health improvement. In the case of people who do not tolerate a fast or a light dinner, the best option is to opt for the combination of a protein food with a serving of vegetables.


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