Stressing more that what you can handle? Here are 5 tips to de-stress and help your heart!

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A reasonable amount of stress causes no harm to the body. But if you get stressed beyond what your body can handle, then you will see its side effects in less than no time.


You might wonder how stress (which is mind related) could possibly impact the physical well-being. But mind and body are closely related, and neglecting one can affect the other in drastic ways.


Stress can lead to several health complications such as high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, asthma, and insomnia. Stress has also been linked to heart diseases. The effects of stress on the health of the heart is rather unbelievable.


Effect of stress on the body

Though it is not proven; stress can trigger inflammation which is an instigator of heart diseases. Stress can also influence you to act in ways that increases the risk of heart diseases.


For example, some people tend to smoke/ drink while stressed. Others tend to eat junk food and are left with little or no energy left to exercise. All these factors can simultaneously increase the risk of heart diseases.


Ways to de-stress your mind


Here are some useful tips to de-stress and help your heart

  1. Meditate 

Your mind won’t stop thanking you enough for investing in relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga. These practices of deep breathing and inward-focused thoughts reduce the factors leading to heart diseases such as high blood pressure.


  1. Laugh more often 

Though it is highly underestimated, laughter can work wonders in a body. Laughter lowers the level of stress hormones, increases ‘good’ HDL (High Definition Lipoprotein) cholesterol, and reduces inflammation in the arteries.


You can even consider surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh. The key is to stay positive in every situation.


  1. Take time for yourself  

Regardless of how much people tell you; you cannot totally escape stress. The least you can do when stress follows you everywhere is to unplug yourself from the chaos.


Take time every day, and escape from the world even if it is for just for 10-15 minutes. Cut the cord, avoid TV news, and dodge the emails.  


  1. Exercise regularly  

Exercising melts away stress, protects you against heart diseases, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscle, and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Your body releases endorphins (mood-boosting chemicals) every time you are physically active. So even a brisk walk or a tennis game can work wonders in de-stressing and helping your heart.


  1. Find ways which help you relax your mind

Some find it soothing to listen to music, while others find relaxation in a warm bath. Find out what helps your mind calm down. Give it that much-awaited break by spending time on your favorite hobby.

These are some ways you can de-stress and help your heart. But if you feel you are suffering from either mental illness or heart-related illness, make it a point to get yourself checked by a professional.

Do not let the budget come in the way of your treatment. Nowadays, you can even get a loan for treatment within 4 hours! Likewise, if you notice someone is displaying the symptoms of mental illness or has heart diseases, encourage them to go for regular check-ups.


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