Health Benefits of Using an Air Purifier in home in 2019

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Indoor air is more polluted as compared to outdoor air. The possible reason is the absence of proper ventilation system due to which air inside the home is not replaced with outdoor fresh air. This increases the airborne particles and germs that feed on dust or dead skin cells. The places which are far from the access to the ventilation system are more capable of trapping these particles.

These places may prove a good habitat for dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and mould, all of which are potential causes of allergic reactions and other breathing related diseases including asthma.

The best possible way to get rid of all these problems is by installing an air purifier. If you know which air purifier is best for your place then you can live a happy life without worrying about these problems.


Moreover, your home can be a house for dangerous gases as well. The main sources of these gases include fireplaces, gas stoves, kerosene and gas space heaters. These gases when inhaled may cause serious health problems.


Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers can help reduce asthma and allergy. They are beneficial in any residential or commercial environments including hospitals, schools, businesses and offices. Few benefits of using an air purifier are discussed below.


  1. Air Purifiers can help reduce asthma attacks

You are at very high risk of health issue when you are in your home because this is where the asthma triggers are in abundance. Some possible causes of asthma attacks may include dust mites, mould, cockroaches, air freshening sprays, smoke, cosmetics etc.

The only way to avoid asthma is by eliminating the asthma triggers which is surely not an easy job.

Options that you can use to reduce asthma triggers in your home include the use of hypoallergenic bedding, or having hardwood floors in your home, or using a dehumidifier can also do the job as it has the ability to decrease dust mites’ population. Using an air purifier, in this case, solves this problem in a matter of minutes. As it can maintain proper airflow across your place and also eliminate harmful particles through its HEPA Filter technology. So using these options can reduce the chances of having asthma attacks.


  1. Air Purifiers Removes Allergens

Most people are allergic to pets, fur, pollen and dust mites. Allergies to dust mites are so common and people with asthma need to be more careful as this can trigger attacks as well. The allergic reaction due to these tiny creatures and particles can be faced in several health conditions including constant coughing, watery eyes, poor sleep and constant sneezing.

Air purifier, in this case, reduces these allergens by purifying the air and trapping tiny particles on which these mites feed. Dust mites starve till death as a result.

Some Air purifiers produce ozone and use UV light to kill Bacteria and viruses thus reducing the germs and allergens from air efficiently.

  1. Air Purifiers Traps Smoke

Heart Diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is linked to tobacco breathing. Ear infection, bronchitis, asthma, bronchitis is also caused due to inhaling of tobacco or cigarette smoke.

Children are more prone to secondhand smoke. The reason behind this that the lungs of a child is still in the developing phase and their rate of respiration is quite higher than an adult. Moreover, elderly people are also at risk of getting health diseases including dementia if they are exposed to smoke frequently.

Fortunately, air purifier has a solution to this problem as well, by the use of HEPA filter it has the capability to remove smoke particles and carbon filtration in most air purifiers can remove smoke and odour.


HEPA filters have the ability to remove particles at .3 microns. Cigarette smoke particles can be of any size from 4 to .01 microns, so this means that an air purifier can draw most cigarette or tobacco smoke very easily and effectively.


After reading this anyone would go crazy to buy air purifier because of its long-lasting health benefits.

Some of you may still not want to buy an air purifier but I am sure that no one would prefer to live in an environment which is not clean or have harmful particles. If you are interested in keeping your home air clean and healthy, you can still secure your chances of removing these particles. You just have to do something to properly ventilate your home. You can do it by opening windows of your home for some time on a daily basis. This way air would get a chance to circulate and remove allergens. This technique is not suitable in all kind of weather conditions.

Moreover, there are few plants that have purification power and are used by many homeowners to improve indoor air quality. You can use those plants as well to purify the air.

Not only this, it is advised that you adopt healthy habits like regular bathing, and maintaining a clean environment. Vacuum your home frequently. Try not to smoke inside the home. Keep your pets neat and clean and keep the temperature of the home to a reasonable level. Proper maintenance can help obtain some of the benefits that an air purifier can bring in a matter of no time. So the choice is yours.

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