Various Type Of Hearing Aid Found In Calgary

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Hearing aids play a significant role in the social, emotional, psychological and physical well beings of the person who has a hearing disability. Hearing aid has come as a boon to those person who has hearing disability as this device can enhance the communication in their relationship, improve the intimacy as well as warmth in their family relationship, helps them in earning livelihood, provide them the sense of control over life, helps in participating social activities and offers them emotional stability. The price of hearing aid will vary depending on the model and features of the device.

Thus a person with a hearing disability must use hearing devices. But before you purchase your hearing device you must have complete knowledge about it. In the market you will get a huge range of hearing device and it can often make you confuse which one to purchase. Remember that all hearing aids have four basic components and they are – microphone, amplifier, speaker and power supply. It is always a good idea to go to Amplifon hearing clinic Calgary and better consult with the specialist about which one will suit you the best. Remember that every hearing aid has different strengths and weaknesses. However, in this article we have come up various types of hearing aid found in Calgary so that you can get fair knowledge about it.

Types of hearing aid available in the market

The following are three main types of hearing aids:
1. Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids: This type of hearing aid is usually worn on the top and behind the ear. This kind of hearing aid sends sound into the ear through a piece of clear and flexible tubing that is connected to ear mold which remains fit inside the ear. Apart from that, this kind of hearing aid can also send sound through very thin and clear tube that is basically connected to a small dome that remains inside the ear canal which is called open ear fitting. There is another BTE in which sound is sent in the ear through a wire that runs from the hearing aid to tiny loudspeaker. There are various terms used in these types of hearing aid such as ‘receiver in the ear’, ‘receiver in the canal’ and ‘loudspeaker in the ear’.

  1. In The Ear (ITE) hearing aids: This type of hearing aid comes in various sizes and strengths. The best thing about this hearing aid is that it fits well inside the ear canal. ITE hearing aids are of two types which Completely in Canal (CIC) and Invisible in Canal (IIC). The best thing about CIC is that it is invisible and no one can understand whether you have worn any hearing aid or not until and unless someone looks closely at your ear. IIC can be fitted deeply in the ear canal and you can keep the IIC models in your ear for several months at a time. But doctors generally prescribe IIC hearing aid when you have mild to moderate hearing loss.
  2. Receiver In Canal (RIC) hearing aids: This is another excellent type of hearing aid that is invented recently. In this type of hearing aid, the speaker remains out of the body of the device and it is placed at the end of the wire which went into the ear canal of the user. This hearing aid is very popular since these are highly versatile that can be fit in many types of hearing losses. Apart from that RIC hearing devices are highly discreet devices. It is also seen that some RIC hearing device are more discreet than that of the ear hearing aids.

Thus hearing aid is a high-tech device that has brought a major technological revolution in the last few years. The hearing technology is mainly designed in such a way that the hearing impaired person can listen in noisy environments easily as well as more comfortable. The hearing devices of today’s generation are small so that it becomes more comfortable and powerful that what it was few years before. Moreover, you can also find invisible hearing aid in the market which is a little costly than the normal ones.


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