What Are Wide Feet? What Are The Problems Associated With Wide Feet?

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Wide Feet Problem

Wide feet may easily be the origin of foot distress. But that does not mean that you need to cover them or prevent wearing footwear.

Men usually have broader feet than girls do. But, women tend to be more vulnerable to bunions due to tighter and narrow shoe style.

It is the right of your feet to get comfortable. Therefore we will discuss the different causes of wide feet, the issues they can make and the way you’re able to eliminate the pain which happens due to the wide feet and tight shoes.

Continue reading to know about the causes and treatments of the wide feet.

Causes Of Wide Feet:

Many elements are involved in wide feet, such as genetics, and the shoes that you use and changes which happen to your body during your lifetime.

1. Born with wide feet

One of the most common reasons for having wide feet would be you are only born with wide feet. However, wide feet and large feet, generally speaking, can make your shopping of footwear difficult, they’re also able to support with balance and enhance athletic skill in sprinting and swimming.

2. You’ve got flat feet

Also connected with genetics. But flat arches normally appears during childhood; you’ll also observe a transformation as you are getting older day by day.

Most frequently, the shoes that you wear at your 20s will probably be too narrow for you on your 70s, even if the length remains similar. This is only because your feet become flattered through the years, and making them wider.

3. Due To Pregnancy:

Pregnant women also generally undergo wide feet throughout their second and third trimesters.

The Relaxin which is the hormone of the pregnancy discharges to let the joints across the pelvis to loosen up. That spreads the ligaments around the feet, resulting in the broader foot than normally.

Wrong type of footwear

Wearing the wrong shoes can make your feet wider due to swelling. Your feet will swell up and look wider if your footwear is too much tight for your feet. Consistently using shoes that do not fit properly can damage your feet with time, leading to health issues and deformities.

Problems Due To Wide Feet

Generally, difficulties related to wide feet come from ecological factors rather than genetics. It is also possible that you got a wide foot from childhood,

Feet problems such as bunions and corns could happen if your wide feet are associated with tight shoes.

Bunions normally happen when the tissue or bone at the bottom of the big toe gets grown. This may give rise to a foot deformity, which will give you pain while wearing shoes.

Corns usually develop due to your footwear rubbing against skin. They cure easier compared to bunions but tend to be painful and may cut skin open. Along with tight shoes resulting in corns, not using socks is just another relevant factor. Regrettably, not worrying about corns will make you susceptible to bunions.

Do you have wide feet?

  • Wear the socks which you commonly use with your dress shoes.
  • Stick a piece of paper on the ground.
  • Measure your feet on any cardboard or paper.
  • To measure your foot using a ruler.
  • Write down all the readings for your left and right foot.
  • To consider your own width subtract 1/8″ in the bigger number and record that.
  • Look over to the sizing graphs to find out whether you have narrow feet, moderate or broad.

What if my feet are two different sizes?

  • Humans are not just well-formed. Therefore using minor size differences between your left and the right foot is absolutely ordinary. In case your left foot is a bit more or a width dimensions larger than your right foot, then do not worry. This does not mean that you need to purchase 2 sets of footwear in different sizes.
  • Instead, purchase shoes that match the larger of both feet because size differences are not very significant. Therefore, the difference is not noticeable and should not cause distress.
  • But, if your toes have a 1 1/2″ gap in length or width, purchasing shoes of 2 different sizes could be better for the health. To get the very best option, it is good to consult your physician about this matter.

The way to create shoes less painful if  you’ve got wide feet:

If fitting of the footwear is the main problem, utilizing a shoe stretcher can help widen both footwear to your preferred comfort. Pick the design that satisfies your requirements.
You can wear the orthotic insoles to make up the gap if your feet have different sizes. This will let you get footwear a half or full size larger to accommodate to your feet without lugging around on the opposing side.


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